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Desc:Are toddlers as traumatized by this show as I am?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:what hell sounds like, teletubbies, boobah, boobahs
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Comment count is 20
if your girlfriends boobahs are anything like this, call an oncologist immediately
What the HELL
Spike Jonez
I always got the impression that if you circumcised one of these guys, you're in for some horrific slavering Lovecraftian maw filled with caustic saliva that burns your face off right before they bite your head off in one bite.
Well, next crop of idiots coming up.
If I had kids, I would not let them watch this.
Patient Property
some child psychologist is raking in the big bucks from this

also those costumes must get really sweaty
Tom Collins

Back when I lived in Seattle, the PBS HD station was just getting started up. Boobah is one of the few pieces of HD content they had. They showed it at 3 AM. It was amaaaaaaazing.
Sweet music.
You sure these guys aren't The Residents?

I think these guys are The Residents.
Koda Maja
3:16 is particularly disturbing.
When you say "from Teletubbies", do you mean these creatures are the evolutionary successors to the Teletubbies? I could believe that.
Big Muddy
Menudo con queso
This is my favorite Missy Elliot video.
I imagine being in the womb is sort of like this.
Our future alien overlords.
They look like uncircumcised dicks.
They sure are gassy.
I don't like the way they sag when they bend over
Pope Caius
I'm not sure what's worse. The fact that they have articulated eyes that move, or the possibility that they could've gone with unblinking, unmoving glassy doll eyes.
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