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Desc:A kid provides 'evidence' that dragons exist through the bible. Also, fire and brimstone testimony!
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:dragons, hell, religious, bibledragons
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Comment count is 14
Narrated by Babycakes.
I am the world.

Billy the Poet
Everybody's fucking lying to me!

I was thinking about watching Dinotopia earlier today actually.
You mean Leviathon?

The dude thinks bible people lived 900 years, that the Loch Ness monster is real and that, despite mountains of evidence, humans walked the earth with dinosaurs as a common sight and you call him out on the pronunciation of a commonly mispronounced word? For shame, TimidAres.

I also thought jews used Leviathan to refer to whales. And if this guy thinks sea monsters really existed, what's stopping him from thinking Lord of the Rings is canon to the bible?

I guess that its wierd that THAT was the first criticism to jump out at me, I guess Ive just heard all the other X-tian crazy before.
Its pretty sad when I overlook all the rest and just go for pronounciations now.
I think...I think were getting jaded guys.

Corpus Delectable
Oh. Man. 1:04 and I was scrambling for the pause button.

Pure evil.
Look, most of your facts are straight, but it's misleading to say that most of the dragons/dinosaurs were killed by humans. They were killed by Lemmy.
What does Kenneth Eng think about this?
Heh, good one. I almost forgot about that guy.

Jet Bin Fever
Haha, thanks for the reminder. That made this more bearable.

He specifically says King James every time too. Fuck the Hebrew, my copy says lizards lived over 900 years and became dragons, and the ones not killed in the flood were finished off by King Arthur.
What a tard.
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