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Desc:A man in leather pants rocks out with his sax.
Category:Stunts, General Station
Tags:mullet, moustache, sax, leather pants, george micheal
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Comment count is 16
more annoying than humorous. although I like his mullet.
Corpus Delectable
I agree, but it was a low bar. I'd say it was bout a gajillion times more annoying than funny, but it was still only moderately annoying.

But, I'm grumpy.

That guy
There's something to be said for going over a low bar perfectly annoyingly.

Also, jesus, if nothing else:
20 year old security guards, starting at 3:32 is worth 5.
"No one's above the law"

Minus 1 ghost star for harassing the poor college teacher. Plus infinity for harassing people at shitty places of business, and the food court patrons taking Sexy Sax Man's side.

More annoying than humorous.
More humorous than annoying.
Time Travel Mishap
I submitted this a while back and it didn't get a single vote..up or down...in the hopper. You people are bipolar.
That's a shame. It would have worked better with your submitter name.

THis is actually really funny.
Why does dumb shit like this never happen around me?
Jet Bin Fever
Aww come on guys. Give that other guy credit too, you know... what's his name... Andrew something or other.

Innocent Bystander
That is such a great sax line. Seriously.
Would have preferred "Baker Street", but I can't really argue.

wtf japan
Guilty feet haters.
Jack Dalton
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
If this won't motivate kids to learn a musical instrument then I don't know what will.

Also, why do I have the feeling this was here before even thought it wasn't?
Take that, establishment.
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