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Desc:A man on a mission. Try not to read anything before clicking play... the reveal is wonderful.
Tags:los angeles, whippets, no spoilers in tags, shithoused
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Dread Pirate Roberts
Kind of a let-down for me. I am both completely unsurprised by this, and had never heard of the term for this behavior... so probably just not the target audience here. Meh, standard police taking down stupid people.
What's the term?

Koda Maja
Whippet. Whippet good.
the reveal was indeed good.
Binro the Heretic
Your description wrote a check this video couldn't cash.
How could you not have loved the pull away at 1:10

White Trash Party
The pullaway is what makes it.

Binro never got invited to whippet parties growing up. It's a lingering wound for him.

ugh go away binro

The pan back at 1:10 I lost it
Yeah, cracked me the fuck up, too.
Jesus, I can't think of a less appropriate time to pull out the nitrous. Even if he was jamming techno music.
What should you do? Just sit there and wait to go to jail? It's gonna be a while before you can get high again.

Why the fuck not. It's not like you're going to impress anyone with your life decisions by gracefully surrendering to the cops.

I second this.
"Smoke em' if you got em" seems like a very appealing option at this point.
5 glorious stars for the reveal.

William Burns
Can't hide from the long arm of the lawOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOB
The Mothership
that was a lot of nitrous in a short amount of time. he was making sure that he would have no memory of this event.
That's what I was thinking. Can't believe he didn't turn blue and pass out. Must killed off a good chunk o brain cells there. Should have just took off the nozzle and let that shit fill up the inside of the car.

Oscar Wildcat
In the interest of full disclosure; if by some strange twist of fate I find myself behind the wheel of a large automobile with the LAPD in my rearview and a tank of N2O? Well you can believe I would not want to die without having tasted it... And given the drug's efficacy as a general anesthetic you could then wax rather philosophic during the beating/tasering/beanbagging that follows. Like clown cars filled with clown cops bearing seltzer bottles and cream pies. Yeah. Kinda funny, actually.

Whippets is a linked tag. Huh.
La Loco
Not really a whippet, I've always understood those to be the cartridges of nitrous oxide that are used in whip cream dispensers. You use a cracker to open and fill balloons. This looks to me like he's filling his balloons from a tank.
Nah, this is how I've hear most folks describe taking whippets - balloons filled with nitrous.

Oscar Wildcat
La Loco is right. Now, can I has whippet? I has opener...

I thought it was about the little dogs, so whatever.

MacGyver Style Bomb
That's not how you ditch evidence.
I had to watch this a second time before I even got what the description was talking about. 1 star because it was kind of weak, but a few extras for realizing on the second watch that he was huffing like a fiend to cram it all in before his inevitable arrest.

Also, Whip-Its are nitrous, whippets are dogs. A large tank of nitrous in the passenger seat is neither a Whip-It nor a whippet.
good lord, you came down on my buzz like johnny law on a serial whipper

Quit hitting F5 and find your validation somewhere else.

Fuck the haters, the reveal was worth not reading for. I flinched when dude broke the window and then reached in without gloves on.
I honestly thought this video was going to involve one or more canines. When the video was over I was like "HEY I NEVER SAW A WHIPPET".

Boy do I feel silly.
Robin Kestrel
That's what you get
when there's no time on the meter;
You get an empty case of whip-its
and a boyfriend with a beeper.

SPOILER: The reveal was the zoom out at 1:08. If you stay for the rest of the video, you get to see that nine or ten cops really can arrest one unarmed man without killing him or hurting him too badly. I think it helped that he was white?
I think it probably helped that he probably had an humorous, unnaturally squeeky voice.

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