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Desc:A game so terrible not even Color Dreams would release it.
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:NES, atlantis, bad games, Color Dreams
Submitted:holly bibble
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Comment count is 23
The sound reminds me of a bad Atari VCS game. Way to be two generations before your time, Color Dreams.

"But why is it between his legs?"

You have to ask?
teenage mutant lisa turtle
So who is the character supposed to be? Perseus? Hercules?
I read an article about Color Dreams somewhere once and the developers said that they had these two game testers who were really good at everything so they would always bitch about the difficulty, so this one programmer would always indulge them and try to make the games hard enough to be challenging to those guys, which is why pretty much all of the Color Dreams games were insanely difficult to the point of frustration.
That sounds like a flat-out lie, seeing as much of the difficulty from their games stems from their awful unresponsive controls and enemy AI that just does completely retarded shit.

that's known as the "cheap way" to ratchet up the difficulty - blow the controls away

Color Dreams: Even our creative excuses are third rate.

I like that his head is tilting at the angle that indicates (to me, at least) that he's trying to stem off a bloody nose.
Why would you want to escape from Atlantis
spiteful crow
It looks like they were trying to rip off Adventure for the 2600 and completely fucked it up. That's... almost impressively incompetent.

Also, keydick.
I was thinking about Adventure too, but I didn't mention it because that game doesn't really deserve to be compared with this rubbish.

So a mythical civilization that predates Christianity has a land of the dead with crosses on the headstones?
Mostly Pi
Are you prepared to see how far the rabbit hole goes?

This IS the company that became Wisdom Tree, after all.

Everything about this screams fever dream.
Why does Death bring you back to life?
And how do you prevent it?

Because the afterlife has standards.

Mostly Pi
Can you help an angry Amish man in a dress get the key to the gatehouse of the Masonic temple before he's brained by debris from Tennis Ball mountain?

MacGyver Style Bomb
Everything looks like it came off an 80's home computer... which it most likely was programmed on.
Caminante Nocturno
The music and the beard lead me to believe that this game's original title was Torgo's Escape from Atlantis.

That's not music, THOSE ARE HIS FEET.


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