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Desc:This was a terrible game, and I loved it.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:shareware, rockford, childhood stress
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Comment count is 10
So it's dig dug for racists?
yeah it's digdug for racists.

Really upset this wasn't based on the TV show. And no it's not Dig Dug based it's a rip off of Broderbund's classic "Boulderdash."
Completely true. But since I got my hands on this before I got Boulderdash, it's completely legitimate.

I think this was an actual commercial game, not shareware. The Amiga version was much better, at least when it comes to graphics and sound.
I didn't know they made a game of The Rockford Files
Used to rock the hell out of this on my Tandy yo
Those are some terrible sfx
You'd have pretty terrible sfx if you only had a one-channel square wave generator too.

I don't understand. So it's a top down game, but gravity mysteriously applies to the rocks? Is there some sort of intense magnetism in the south pole of Lame Ass Aztec Approximation Land?
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