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Desc:Performed by the Gifford's Children's Choir.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:choir, portal, inappropriate, childrens choir
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Comment count is 19
Someone better not lie to these kids about any cake.
moral sex
hai guys protal is gr8 gaem

lol caek is lie

Fuck you, this is great.
Caminante Nocturno
I remember the Companion Cube from this game.
So goddamn lame. It was a fun game people, get over it.
Just like Zelda, Mario, Pac-Man, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and all the other games that Portal has yet to come close to saturating the internet to the same extent.

And it's a kids' choir that sang this to raise money so they could keep giving concerts and pay for expenses that their 0 budget from the PTA doesn't cover. If you see the word "Portal" on something and it bugs you so much, don't click it.

Meatsack Jones
Great, let loose the "if it is popular, and I don't like it, I am cool" contingent.

It was fun and cool...never, get over it.

Because there's no possible chance that it has simply worn out its welcome.

Robin Kestrel
A great work of art never wears out its welcome.

Nice job, kids.

So... I interviewed Eric Wolpaw, the writer of Portal 2, and there's a reason they aren't beating the "Cake is a Lie" thing to death anymore. They're goddamn of the memes.

Things are fun for awhile... after that, wow, another Still Alive rendition... awesome...

5 for the portal hate, it's actually more entertaining than the game.
Little kids singing about the death of a weapon test AI is a very modern thing, a gloriously modern thing.

Now excuse me while I go write Quadrotor the Musical.
Haters gonna hate.
Jet Bin Fever
This is pretty great for a kids choir. You 1 star people need to lighten up. If this was done exactly the same with a less "I'm too cool to appreciate this" song, you A-holes would've eaten it up with a spoon.
This is a cute thing that angers nerds for some reason.
I'm tired of this game and this song and all of the facile references that still occur on a non-stop basis with any sufficiently large quantity of cargo-cult humor-spouting nerds but this was exceptionally well-done.
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