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Desc:Australian climatologists represent.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Rap, global warming, Australia, Climate Change, hungry beast
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Comment count is 10
Doesn't disappoint.
Well this doesn't add any credibility to their profession.
Eat a dick, chubs. :)

Oscar Wildcat
Well clearly their peer reviewed scientific publications are failing to convince the Koch Bros. Short of a cap in the head, what do you suggest?

Cena makes up for his farts by turning invisible and crying on youtube.

I hope climate change is real. The CG is sending me to Alaska I want it to be as warm as possible.

You know how it's difficult to watch groups of white people rap? Well, what would happen if, instead of just regular old white people, we got groups PhD's?

Not bad, but it can't just be any PhDs. They need to be from some kind of barren cultural landscape where The Big Bang Theory would be considered "edgy television".
"groups of PhD's" that should have been. Damn it.

Oscar Wildcat
I am the mighty Steven Hawkins
I am dope like LSD
I am fly, I kick it oldskool
I tell you that for free

From the stage I rock the mic
My science is so tight
Other rappers fear me
I am bad, like Dolemite.

Takes away some of the bitterness caused by the "the enviroment is your enemy" vid.
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