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Desc:Using the doomed Capacitance Electronic Disc format, touted as cheaper than videotape or laserdisc.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, RCA, Selectavision
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I actually remember these

well, if you put it that way then ...yeah
Oh god, he's right! My life is a sham!

I don't know what I love about old commercials for out-dated technology
It's like looking at advertisements for disproven Victorian medical devices

Wait, so you pop the disc in, it loads the movie into itself super fast, then you pop it out and watch the movie?

That doesn't seem likely.
The videodiscs were inside a plastic case that could only be "removed" by the player itself when you slipped it in.

Or by someone with a screwdriver.

A 1980 commercial is mentioning movies that came out after 1980?
Comes with free time travel disc! And Rocky II!

The copyright says 1981

Oh wow..so THAT'S what those things are! I saw a shit ton of these things at a thrift store awhile back and couldn't figure out what the hell they were.
Spike Jonez
These are awesome because just like record albums, they could develop a skip. Best video glitch ever.
I knew someone whose entire senior year of film school in the late 80s was spent working with a broken videodisc player and a disc of Jane Fonda's Workout.

Jet Bin Fever
This design is really impractical, like a 1950s vision of watching movies at home in the distant future.
I want my electronics to look like they're made out of fake wood.
Everything at that time was made to blend into the fake wood paneling that covered every room in your home.

Under 15 bucks? Take that, Blu-Ray!
Actually 15 bucks in 1981 is now. :(

So "less than 0" in 1981 dollars...eesh...

Billy the Poet
My mind rebels at the existence of these things.
Didn't they have to time compress these discs for any movie over 2 hours because 2 hours was the maximum capacity?

The "advantage" of Laserdisc over the CAD discs from RCA was that, since (unless you had a really fancy player) you had to get up every hour (for CLV) or half-hour (for CAV) to flip the disk anyway, it really wasn't that big a deal to split any movie longer than 2 hours over multiple disks.
Also, five stars for AIRPLANE!, still one of my favourite movies, although I don't know if that's appropriate viewing material for the younger kid. I did enjoy AIRPLANE! myself as a 9-year old, but it was an edited-for-TV version without the boobie shots.

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