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Category:Video Games
Tags:obama, russia today, rt
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Comment count is 22
Jesus lordy.
Frickin' love the sweeping statement at the end.
I'm going to make a competing game called "Republicans take over and now everyone is a pizza delivery man".
Caminante Nocturno
An actual game would give you the opportunity to join Obama and crush the rebellion.
Oscar Wildcat
I didn't know The Force had a "mulatto" side...

I just want a game where I can play as a Cylon. But I don't know I'm playing as one until halfway through.

Until then, I'm just trying to rescue Princess Peach like always.

It's cute that they think they're important enough to warrant serious death threats.

Also: 13,000 subscribers but only a few hundred actual players? I'm guessing this game isn't terribly well-made.
Pfft, good luck getting through their door to make good on any death threats. It's made of METAL.

Likely full of a bunch of wuss-ass campers and spawn-trolls. The revolution is here and it's "lag-tastic".

Considering they're offering the top players 0 a month that number seems even more laughable.

LFM 25-man WH raid, need healers and ranged DPS, epic-speed Hoverounds ONLY cuz were gonna b movin fast
Wait... when was this news story made? He said "2010 Election" like it was: a) Upcoming, b) A Presidential Election.
wtf japan
When you win you just capture Obama. And maybe spank him a little.
If he spanks me too, I'm in!

Dread Pirate Roberts
Anyone else notice the "success" poster on his wall? And possibly the second one on another wall?
Now that their break with reality is complete, they can only continue inside a gameboy.
A crappy Matrix of conservatives we can use to power my abortion machine.

Fantasy Island for wackjobs who listen to Limbaugh
Custer's Revenge needs to be remade with John McCain.
Caminante Nocturno
If you wanted to make it accurate, you'd have to make Sarah Palin Custer and John McCain the Indian woman.

THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY CRAZY GAMERS, ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO...oh nevermind, they killed each other over a bag of cheetos.
I can't wait until american militiamen blow up so many daycare centers that obama is proved to be the badguy
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