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Desc:This is pretty much perfect.
Tags:sex, The Onion, manslaughter, slanted media
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Caminante Nocturno
Remove "The Onion" from the tags and you could easily pass this off as real.
I didn't read the tags at first, and it had me for a minute.

wtf japan
The prosecution would have been satisfied with a much lighter sentence, however, given the fact that he will be beaten to death by fellow inmates within three weeks of incarceration. They don't take kindly to sexual aberrants in prison.
Can I change my user name to Coital Boogieman ?
Innocent Bystander
"Sometimes I heard the radio..."

"...to cover up the screaming."
no neighborhoods in gladstone look like that.
James Woods
Pretty awesome. Also:

Michael Bay to direct film based on popular 'Avatar' toys.
Having sex to "pure moods" is the true crime here.
Sometimes they would watch TV.
"into his sex dungeon to defile her"
Rape Van Winkle
I've known women who would describe a happy marriage in exactly this way.

Five stars of sick cold chills.
Beats working, right?

sex murder
sex kingdom
sex dungeon
sex vault

coital boogieman

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