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Desc:Would you like to play a game?
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:UK, USA, detonation, USSR, nuclear weapons
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Oscar Wildcat
I'm on the team that didn't bomb the USA and give my father and mother in law cancer. You would think it would be obvious where my alliegances lie, but looking at this map reminds us how complicated things get...
Rodents of Unusual Size
How many people did get cancer or other radiation related illnesses as a result of the tests? I mean you would think the government would have held back a bit. Just having the bombs would be enough to dissuade Russia from fucking with us, you would think.

God what has the effect to the earth's atmosphere been? I mean, is it just equivalent to a bunch of volcanoes going off or what?

This isn't a dupe? I'm surprised it wasn't submitted earlier.
Yes, it is a dupe.

Wow, the rooskies conducted a lot of extensive testing on their own soil.


You're welcome, world.
Give peace an ultimatum backed by superior firepower.
Naturally, Great Britain does all of its testing on Australia.
I actually laughed out loud when I noticed all the little dots exploding over Australia and seeing the British count jumping up higher and higher.

Shanghai Tippytap
im surprised nevada isnt just a giant plane of glass
Am I blind or did I miss Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Also, I like how after the first one in New Mexico, they realized, hey I guess we won't cause a chain reaction the Earth's atmosphere and destroy the whole world! Let's use this on our enemies!
Nah, they skipped 'em. The video starts in July 1945, and those were dropped in August of that year.

Daddy Warcrimes
0:08 and 0:13, respectively.

"And so it was until the day that a false sun exploded over Trinity, and man forever traded away wonder for reason."

Hell's Simon.
Old People
Well put.
Also, poor Kazakhstan!

I just realized that this was the war where each side was trying to see who could nuke the shit out of themselves the hardest.
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