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Desc:Brace yourself.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Sci-Fi, white people, alienator
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Comment count is 26
nice ship!

needs a Jan-Michael Vincent tag perhaps
Jan Michael Vincent
John Philip Law
Three Name Actors (and their career choices...collide!)

Born in the RSR
Jan Michael Vincent looks like the love-child of Billy Drago with Roddy Piper.

Yes! All the sound effects from Star Control (or stock or whatever who cares)!
This film smells like ham and maple syrup.
In space, no one can smell your ham

My brain keeps registering Jan Michael Vincent as Patrick Swayze. Am I the only one with this problem?
I do feel alienated after seeing this.
Innocent Bystander
Is that the Space Mutiny set?
Spit Spingola
Same set and same John Phillip Law.

Caminante Nocturno
Hey, wait a minute! This is just a design plan for some scifi robot costume! Where's the diagram of my van mural?!
The first few seconds of this trailer sounds like the beginning to Gary Wright's "Dreamweaver".
I only made it 15 seconds before I had to stop watching and look for a torrent.
No luck so far.

Cinemageddon has it.

Surprised it isn't on cinenamgeddon.

I found a torrent easily enough, but no seeders and only about 30% available right now. I'll check Cinemageddon, thanks!

Hmm, now I need to get a Cinemageddon invite; registration is closed and nobody I know is a member.

If I had any invites I'd give you one, but they haven't given me any yet. However, they kick inactive accounts off every hour so if you've got time to kill just refresh the register page once a minute for an hour and you'll be able to get in. The amount of trash that website has access to is unbelievable, you need to get on that.

Spit Spingola
Why is there a man dressed as Wendy O Williams?
Good thing he has two pie tins covering his cleavage.
La Loco
Killer Joe
The future wears silver.
Rodents of Unusual Size
All my stars go to the used car parts bra.
Hey Karl, do you know how many movies the Alienator made?

One! Because he knew when to fucking quit!
Do I own this? I swear to god i think i own this.

Seriously though, were all mid 80s to 90s sci-fi action films all filmed in the same chemical plant? It's like there's one fucking sewage treatment plant between 85 and 97 that just couldn't make its way back into the black so they started renting it out as a movie set.
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