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Desc:Boss as fuck
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:Singing, little john, throats
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Comment count is 17
Am I sensing a throat singing week?
Should I be laughing at this?
Syd Midnight
IIRC it evolved from a game where the point was to make the other woman either lose the beat or crack up laughing

I wonder if it inevitably can cause throat cancer?
Pretty good Bob Log III cover.
I really want to learn to do this.
those girls rule
Tom Waits tag?
Born in the RSR
Appropriate description.
WHY isn't there a metal band using this (or Tuvan) throat singing as their primary vocal?

(addendum: If there IS such a band please share this information with the class)

Not, metal but also great. Two US tours so far in the past year.


Syd Midnight
There's only a few dozen Inuit throat singers on earth, one of them is in Bjork's touring band because Bjork.

Yat Kha is awesome, and their album of classic rock/metal covers is well worth going out and buying RIGHT NOW. You'd think "Orgasmatron" would be the best track on it but IMHO it's a tie between "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

I swear I submitted this last year, I show this clip to everyone I can. Inuit throat singing is the best.
Actually, I'm thinking of the 5 minute video of them in the related videos, haven't seen this one yet

I thought only a synthesizer could create those sounds.
Robin Kestrel
Those girls are crazy good at that.
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