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Desc:Ron Paul goes missing from the media's collective talking points.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Daily Show, john stewart, ron paul, top tier
Submitted:Void 71
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For Canadians:

http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewa rt/#clip515938
This is a YouTube clip, so we can see it. Apparently, RTR.org re-posting the same content with some extra stuff around the screen makes the region-restriction go away.

Ha ha, sorry. Reflex.

Breaking News! The American news media is broken! More on this...never!!
Wonko the Sane
This is why I like Jon Stewart. He rips on conservatives all the time but he isn't afraid to stand up to the media when it's biased against libertarians.
I still remember a time when John Stewart loved John McCain and frequently invited him over to the Daily Show for cups of tea. Of course, that was mostly because McCain was Dubya's biggest in-house competition at the time, and it made total sense to cast McCain as the Daily Show audience's "one Republican friend".

Not sure why he sticks up for Ron Paul, but maybe he's hoping Ron Paul will be the GOP's Nader in 2012?

Here's some insight for you: he stuck up for Ron Paul because it's fair. As far as I know, he doesn't particularly like Ron Paul or his platform, but the media's treatment of Ron Paul has been shameful.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I forgot. John Stewart is fair and balanced and totally has no opinions, bias, or editorial agenda whatsoever.

But seriously, though, what's the deal? Is he just using this as an excuse to rip on the "real" newscasters whose antics have kept the Daily Show writing staff afloat for over a decade?

He isn't without bias, that's for sure, but he's a lot better then Fox and MSNBC.

Hey Einstein: I never claimed that Jon Stewart has no opinions. But keep chasing after that straw man! Maybe somebody will be dumb enough to fall for it.

Seriously though, the deal is that the media were unfair in their treatment of Ron Paul. It's almost like the answer to your question had already been provided.

So it's an excuse to rip on the "real" newscasters whose antics have kept the Daily Show writing staff afloat for over a decade. Gotcha!

Yes, that's exactly right. Morons uttering plain, obvious truths in supposed-to-be-witheringly-sarcastic tones is one of my favourite things ^_^

The "real" newscasters have kept his show afloat for years because they're so laughably bad at their jobs. This is just one in a long series of laughably bad jobs they've done informing the public.

Much like the way you do a laughably bad job of either understanding what's going on or being a troll.

EvilHomer, McCain stopped coming on TDS right after Stewart asked him why he'd gone and given a speech at Bob Jones university. McCain had no response to being asked if he was there just to visit "crazy base-land."

(For those unfamiliar Bob Jones University is a bit like McDonald's "Hamburger College," except you substitute "Ultra Fundie Jesus" for "Hamburger.")

After that, McCain pandered more and more to the people who now support Bachmann and Palin, and Stewart wasn't going to let him play that game. McCain himself finally couldn't stand it once he realized they'd given him a VP candidate who was an idiot and that he'd be spending all his time correcting people in his audiences who claimed Obama is a Muslim.

In short, McCain became a fake just to try and get votes, so why have him back when he's just going to spout talking points?

McCain became fake but Stewart became fake too once he started using his agenda to pressure him not to try to get votes of people just because he disagreed with them. He's supposed to be neutral. I like Stewart but he should keep being funny instead of political.

Stewart is not supposed to be neutral. Stewart is a comedian. His comedy deals with political material and quite correctly and openly advances an agenda he considers to be legitimate and carefully reasoned. He neither hides this nor compromises his position. Before discussing the man further, you should examine the basis of his position, and its legitimacy.

Ron Paul's performance in the straw poll was not news and was not unexpected.

Paul has a devoted following that can impact small elections, and has absolutely zero chance of appealing to the broad swaths of voters needed to win actual elections.

So I actually side with mainstream media on this one. Perversely, Ron Paul should too. His ideas and ideological rigor would crumble under serious scrutiny.
Perhaps Ron Paul can't appeal to the majority of voters because of his lack of media coverage.

Void 71
If I could clone Ron Paul, I'd delete the area of his brain that clings to the notion that the government shouldn't provide any social services for its citizens and that deregulation is good for small business. I'd also make him a plumber rather than a doctor to rid of any lingering classism. His Constitution fetish would have to go, too. Then he'd be the sort of working class isolationist I could get behind.

I agree his ideas would crumble under scruitiny, but I don't see why that would keep him out of the running for President.

I am pretty curious what he would even accomplish as President. The president doesn't really have that much power without congress behind him.

There's no way he would be able to destroy all the government institutions he wants to, or somehow return us to the gold standard. Honestly all he could really do is bring the troops home and watch as all his far right ideas get destroyed in congress, and probably discredited to the larger public in the process.

Sounds good to me.

Syd Midnight
His ideas and ideological rigor would crumble under serious scrutiny, which gives him a decisive advantage in a field of candidates whose ideas and ideals are vulnerable to even casual examination.


Syd Midnight

Caminante Nocturno
It's really funny how suddenly and desperately the news media is trying to sell Perry as an acceptable candidate.
It's the 11th hour, Pawlenty didn't pan out and Christie refuses to allow the media 24/7 access to mock his weight. Rove and Ailes refuse to speak to each other. Limbaugh's boner is only at half mast for Perry, but that is seriously all he can get at the moment.

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