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Desc:Probably the high point of Pointless Waste of Time, for PWoT Week. (See first post)
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:fake trailers, pointless waste of time, john cheese, david wong, whopflopple elementary
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Decided to post this after the JDATE trailer. Someone on the PWoT forums made this after a huge forum event.

The back-story can be seen here: http://www.truckerlogic.com/comedy/prank/prank1.html
Robin Kestrel
Fiving this just for the back story.

Agreed, the backstory is pretty great.

Is this John Cheese people are talking about the same internet comedian I have been reading for the past decade?

I quit following this guy after he went to Cracked, maybe I'm due to catch up.
@ThaSupafly - yes, yes it is.

@Mancakes - Wong and Cheese are the best writers on Cracked. Cheese's articles are mainly "how not to fuck your life up like I did" and it's funny in that half the comments are from people who go "Man, I could have used this advice when I was younger" and young people going "man, this guy needs to grow some balls and/or be more like Seanbaby."

Not that I have anything against Seanbaby, it's just comparing apples to oranges.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Any video that requires a read through an extensive back story to be funny shouldn't be on POE.

That said, the read was fun. Video was not so fun.

Then again you five stared your own video, which knocks it down for me....

Life is like a game of football, played with Adolf Hitler's severed head.

You were actually too lazy to not complain about not being lazy and still forget two stars.

Five stars!

We can't really have a PWOT week because every video to come out of PWOT is usually an offshoot of a convoluted forum thread and would require reading loads of backstory to get the joke.

After Douche Quadbike and Scientology Is Gay you'd have to turn it into a Cracked week and nobody wants that.
Ha ha Cheese is a classy chap - http://www.truckerlogic.com/singh.htm

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