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Desc:OWS guy has a meltdown w/ girl having a breakdown
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:crazy, freakout, crying, Occupy Wall Street, help us
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Comment count is 24
This guy's hat makes a pretty good point.
While watching this clip, I wondered if the person filming it and uploading it felt like he was supporting the movement by doing so, or if he just thought it was really funny and he had to share it with the world.
Syd Midnight
My guess is a conservative trying to get some payback for all of the hilarious footage of fat old Republicans doing/saying this at Tea Party rallies. It's obviously funny, but that would make it funny on several additional, more subtle levels that the uploader did not intend.

It's Townhall, which is a ultraright site. It was created to laugh at the guy.

Not that I'm not extremely embarrassed by weird people showing up to these things. The difference is we have crying babies with long hair and the Tea Party waves around signs wanting threatening to kill people.

I thought I recognized that guy. On October 14, the NYT did a story where they taped a protester and a trader sitting down together. At the time, it seemed to me that they had gone out to find the most ridiculous stereotypes from each side (which was very surprising, considering how silly it made the Times look). But now maybe I think this guy is just a media whore? Or worse, an attempt to sabotage the whole thing? His name is Edward T. Hall III (for Christ's sake.)

http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/14/opposite-sides-of -the-protest-come-together-briefly/?ref=occupywallstreet

Friends, what's going on here?

http://www.observer.com/2011/10/ted-hall-the-voice-of-occupy-w all-street-or-general-crazy-person/

A mentally ill trust fund kid left to his own devices? Well, I never.

Good to see Matthew Lillard is working again.
It looks like they took a time machine to 1992 and gave him his first acting gig in the future.

I was gonna post to say this kid looked like a Matthew Lillard/Jake Busey hybrid.

This will probably appear on Fox.
Oscar Wildcat
Let him who has never bought a dime bag from such a fellow cast the first stone.
Wouldn't. Even without those glasses.
James Woods
Five sustainable stars!
He's been at OWS since day 1, and is guaranteed to be the dumbest voice in any given conversation. He is one of the most vocal people as well, of course.
Fox has to really dig for this kind of douche it seems. For every ridiculous hippie/hipster they find, there are 2 or 3 intelligent and articulate protestor. Fox may still hate the ones that make a point but the tea party was full of these moronic hyper-partisan bleeding hearts who parroted stupid rhetoric. Hell, that was the tea party.
Syd Midnight
That's why it doesn't quite cut it as payback, it just reminds me of how many funny videos I saw with incoherent Tea Party people, and they protested for one afternoon.

I would really like to see dialogue between this guy and some elderly ranting Teabagger. It'd be like putting 2 bugs of slightly different species in a jar, where they look different but have the similar phermones so they can't decide whether to fight or fuck.

Idiots don't care about things like Occupy Wall Street. Idiots are playing video games right now. This guy, despite how he comes off, is probably not an idiot.
This guy seems almost retarded to me. Did you check out the links that rural provided in his above comment? I think the video there should pretty much settle the issue.

I question your supposition that anyone who supports OWS is automatically not an idiot by definition of the fact that they support it.

I want more sustainable stars on my car
It's New York. You have to get used to seeing people in weird hats crying.
I missed this the first time around.

Appropriately, most of the related videos I get are Victoria Jackson.
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