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Desc:and he goes for it
Tags:russia, WTF Russia
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Comment count is 15
cool water sandwich
Here's 500 roubles for a bottle of good vodka. You've earned it.
isnt that like $.0002?

cool water sandwich
Yup. Or a handjob.

The Hierophant
Frivolous lawsuit attempt or practicing for professional soccer?
Caminante Nocturno
It was a botched suicide attempt, but he decided that attempting insurance fraud would be less embarrassing than admitting that.
This viral marketing for Saints Row 3 is ingenious.
No one's going to believe you hit a Russian if there's no damage to the car.
Oscar Wildcat
We have the same problem here with deer. Not much you can do about it, although if you know a good butcher the meat can be pretty tasty.
cool water sandwich
If he lived in Palo Alto instead of St Petersburg, he could of eaten the rich.

Who else thinks the cab was also involved?
Jet Bin Fever
He's not wearing a hotdog suit though.
The Mothership
This could easily have been Florida.
At least put some effort into it. Crack the windshield or something.
Keep driving.
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