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Desc:No spoilers!
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Osama Bin Laden, obama, TPM, AMERICA FUCK YEAH!, one vanity tag to rule them all
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Comment count is 37
That sounds like something a president would say in an action movie.
I thought you might approve.

This clip is actually cut short. It gets even more bad ass as he says "Or whoever's left out there. Ask them about that."
Between this and an exceptionally weak ass pool of Republican candidates could mean me voting for Obama.

split tail
Reminiscent of Bush/Chaney war warmongering...

except he lacks the cheering audience, the drum rolls and all that other fancy cinematic stuff...

I love this because it appeases the war mongering side of me while simultaneously pissing off the peaceniks who voted for him.

Dread Pirate Roberts
I voted Obama in 08, and I'd do it again. Admittedly I'm not 100% happy with how things have gone since he's been voted in, but it sounds like he's getting fed up with all the republican bullshit. Perhaps if he gets in for another four years, he'll stop pandering and get down to business. I want a president that'll get things done... and not destroy the government while they're at it (ie, all republican candidates right now).

"it appeals to the warmonger side of me"

Oh cena, still wallowing to the murder of marines I see?
Swap the deck son, and make me a fucking sandwich. Traitor.

The Townleybomb
Reminiscent of Bush/Chaney.

Except successful.

Baleen, I want to see terrorists die. I want to see Marines victorious over the bastards.

I want to suck terrorist blood off Obama's massive erect penis.

Oscar Wildcat
Oh Hopey, you do _loads_ of appeasement on the domestic front, don't be bashful.
If only he had used some drone strikes on the Republican Congressional Retreat.

A Republican congress is much tougher to defeat than Al Qaeda. You just can't blow them up. The caves they live in are too deep.

Hay Belly
See also: FDA


Could I love him more?
I can't ask them because they are dead.

But even if they weren't dead, it would still be very difficult to talk to them, because you decided to sign an extension to the PATRIOT act early into your term, and so talking to suspected terrorists would probably get me thrown into the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, which, if memory serves, you have failed to close down like you said you would... something about Republican opposition, I believe?

Anyway, you were saying?

Ask a banker.
The Mothership
ooooo, snap.

Jet Bin Fever
I wish he'd treat domestic policy like he handles foreign policy. By that I mean, actually be effective.
Funny thing about Obama's "appeasement" on domestic affairs: a lot of that is what we used to call "obeying the law". Because a lot of people vote Republican, there is a sizeable Republican contingent in Congress, and they have a legal right to oppose bills they find unacceptable.

I find it astonishing, and genuinely saddening, that so many otherwise intelligent and informed people think that Obama runs the country like a dictator, and if (for example) a Public Option was not passed, it must be because Obama willed it not to happen.

I've got my problems with Obama, but I am also careful to differentiate between matters he has high control over and matters where, because our government operates according to laws, there must be agreement between Republicans and Democrats.

There also used to be a time when, despite their differences, the minority party would actually compromise with the majority party to get things done. This Republican party has used the filibuster threat more times than any congress in history, has held up more appointments than any in history, and has a stated goal of making the President a one term President (which used to at least only be implied.)

The President doesn't need to be a dictator but we should at least let him and his party attempt their policies instead of watering them down to the point of them not being his policies so we'll never know if his tactics would have worked or not.

Obviously we need opposition parties and checks and balances to prevent unbalanced power, but the American people voted in 2008 for Democratic policies, and we'll never know what would have happened had we actually gotten what we asked for.

He is effective as hell, just not for the people who voted him in.

To put things in perspective, when Medicare was passed, there were only 30 Republican Senators, and 14 of them voted for the thing. The Republicans couldn't have filibustered even if they'd wanted to, and around half of them wouldn't have even supported one anyway.

People are somehow convinced this is like a football game where the team that "wants it more" will prevail, and if Obama can't just trample over the Republicans, it must be because of a lack of will on his part. Couldn't have anything to do with those pesky laws that our government runs according to, could it?

These are all good points and are quite refreshing to hear for someone like myself who has been lately too mired in hard left paranoia over the Obama administration. Granted, he's been the willing puppet of the financial sector. Outside of that, however, he has encountered dogmatic and critical opposition from the RNC.

Never mind me, it's 7L45 in the morning and I've been up all night.

I can understand being disappointed with Obama, but bear in mind that disappointment has everything to do with expectations, and don't lose perspective because of your expectations. When Republicans do something indefensibly corrupt nobody is surprised or disappointed, so "Progressives" tend to be more forgiving of Republicans than of Democrats who fail to give them everything they want. Which keeps "Progressives" home on election day. Which gives the Republicans more power. Which means Democrats can deliver even less of what the "Progressives" wanted.

Step one is to keep Republicans out of power: vote for whatever guy can beat them, which is usually the Democrat. Step two is to press the Democrats to pass good legislation. But you can't get to step two without completing step one; with a House GOP majority and 41+ GOP Senators, there is very little good legislation that can make it through both chambers.

I actually haven't been that disappointed in Obama. I think he's been just hawkish enough on foreign policy and he's governed from about where I'd expect in the center on foreign policy as well. I'm disappointed that Republicans couldn't accept the compromises offered to them by Obama as he attempted to reform our health care industry and financial sector. They've done everything they could to protect those industries from legislation that would protect the rest of us from their dirty practices.

Probably the most disappointing part of the Obama presidency was his supporters. Everyone got as excited as fuck in 2008 to vote for the black guy but as soon as January 1st came along everyone stopped paying attention and caring. Youth votes (who mostly voted Obama) in the 2010 elections fell 60% while the over 40 (who mostly voted GOP) stayed pretty much exactly the same from 2 years before. I actually saw 2 old women being wheel chaired in to vote in 2010 but saw no one younger than me at the polls. The GOP used that power to stall the economy and make Obama and Congress look as ineffectual as possible and to pretty great success.

Sadly it will probably take another 8 years of Republicans fucking up the country to get people angry and poor enough to vote for another Democrat. Or maybe supply side economics will work this time. Or maybe we deserve to live in a Banana Republic.

Seems to me that George W. Bush conducted years of appeasement with North Korea.
Lyndon B. Johnson appeased the Israelis after they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty.
Richard M. Nixon appeased the Chinese communists by opening up trade (look how well that's done for us, right), and giving up in defeat in Vietnam...
Ronald W. Reagan appeased the Iranian Ayatollah...

We can find appeasers everywhere, but we'll continue the Israeli propaganda line and demandn that all the Muslims be slaughtered, right? Sounds like some Nazi shit to me.
What the fuck are you on about?

Hey, look, we all have our moments, Ocyrus. Get back to the drawing board and try again when you have something to show us. Don't give up.

Dread Pirate Roberts
New video in the hopper has a lot of commentary on this. Al Sharpton also sounds like he wants to kick ass in it.
Ok I will ask them...wai..HEEEEEYYYYY
Yeah, I know. He forgot to give us their mailing addresses. Kinda hard to ask people when you don't know how to get in touch with them.

God, Obama is so incompetent.

at least he sold the line, you know, pretended to think for a second, his mien was sufficiently grave, etc. GWB woulda said it with a wry grin and a self-satisfied head wobble and totally kill the moment.
He would have flubbed the line with, "You know. I asked Bin Laden...or...you should ask yourself...uhm...uh...ask me once, but you see, they find me appealing. Ask them about me being appealing."

Dread Pirate Roberts
I wish I had more stars for you, sosage.

It's almost like Biden answered the question for him.
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