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Desc:You remember that chick who wanted to play Catwoman?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:catwoman, Tim Burton, sean young
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Comment count is 16
Are you sure this doesn't go in the Accidents and explosions category?
I vote Horror.

Complicity (filming)
Cynthia Tapple Ph D.

2012 My Trip Back to the Dark Side (post-production)

2012 Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader (post-production)
Brenda Stratford

2011 Gingerclown (post-production)
Nelly the Spiderwoman

2011 The Black Dove (post-production)
Bonnie Williams

2010 Random Encounters (post-production)
Terri preston


From Bladerunner to this?

She was so stunning. What a crash and burn. No graceful Faye Dunaway style flight to eternal sexiness and dignity for Sean Young.

Hey, man. It's work and it's apparently allowing her to pay the bills. Most of the desperate wannabes and has-beens in Hollywood would kill or fuck something reprehensible for that kind of action.

(I don't have a very high opinion of the entertainment industry)

The last time I remember seeing her is on "Celebrity Rehab."

That does not pass the Voight-Kampff test
Don't ask her about her mother.

This does seem like a test to see whether or not she's a lesbian.

Syd Midnight
It's too bad she won't play Catwoman. But then again, who does?

Louis Armstrong
I'd hit it.

More cat nip for her
One of the first times I felt old was when I recognized her as the mom in the TV movie "SECRET CUTTING."
Okay you're not crazy

*runs away*
Not rating until Sugah Rain weighs in

no pun intended
Jet Bin Fever
Only the good die Young, Sean.
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