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Desc:No nudity but definitely NSFW for, um... suggestive dancing
Category:Humor, Stunts
Tags:caribbean, dance humping, what the hell is a little kid doing in there?
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Comment count is 28

Assholes dancing with whores. There is a kid who is like 12 years old humping that girl. He is clearly... Enjoying it.
This will be America if Obama wins.
Justin Dohrmann
oh jesus that made me laugh out loud

The next day, Obama changed his slogan to "WHORES FOR ALL," thus securing 100% of the male evangelical vote.

someone needs to edit this down to 30-45 seconds and add "I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message" at the end.

first aid kit (includes remedy for blue balls?).. oh and "the wheelbarrow"
Red Squirrel
Dude, most of those girls look -pissed- when guys start humping them.
Have you ever seen lions fucking. The lioness isn't too happy about it either, but they participate.

Goethe and ernie
This is like some terrifying forced copulation scene from a sci-fi film, with some gravel-voiced master of ceremonies shouting about pum-pums and doing it 'PON DE WINDA and 'PON DE LADDA, this is totally intense, it's like I'm hallucinating while listening to The Bug and being violently humped a stack of angrily sex-crazed rudegirls.

Five dutty stars.
Lauritz Melchior
This party was wild to begin with. Around 3:15 it goes insane.
this looks just like on of those shows on animal planet about the mating habits of baboons or something... males going wild and viciously humping mildly annoyed females...
yay for you! you win the curious george stuffed toy for being the first to mention "Animal Planet" or "Discovery Channel" with regard to this video!

There is no use trying to climb up on to the roof to get away. There is no escape.. from the BUDDYBUDDYBUDDYBUDDYBUDDYBOOMBOOM
Goethe and ernie
He's saying "pum pum", it's Jamaican slang for vagina

Goethe and ernie
And I think he's saying "putitputitputitputitputit in your pum pum", which makes sense I guess. Is this some sort of video instruction manual?
Kiss me neck! Coo 'pan di pikny skank, bunkin di cat. Rhygin bashment!

Doctor Arcane
You're all just upset you don't get invited to these sorts of parties.
well i think that goes without saying

i tried posting a few of these but i must not be wording them correctly.

check out DUTTY FRIDAZE for some real fire.

This YouTube user has another 26 videos that are JUST LIKE THIS. Except that the girls are attempting to escape via windows and over fences.

Now I know the theme for the next party I throw.
I wish I could experience life that thoroughly.

It's loud as hell, especially when the last video I watched was especially soft.
This was, of course, shot in space?
Everyone do the awkward!
needs dutty wine tag
"The vertical expression of a horizontal desire.." doesn't apply here, for purely geometric reasons
The dude from Hatebreed screaming all the time really kills the mood.
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