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Desc:Now you, too, can look like a living doll!
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:Dolls, realdoll, tutorial, living dolls, VenusAngelic
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Comment count is 19
American Standard
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
break out the flamethrower
You could take bets on what color the flames would be, assuming the stuff she's plastered herself with doesn't immediately make passerby think you've started a tire fire.

I don't know, he did a lot better than most other fifty year old men dressing up as dolls
Someone needs to sit her down and explain the thin line between coquettish sex object and the uncanny valley.
Also, I keep freaking myself out imagining the texture of her skin with all that moisturizer and shellac: greasy, clammy, gunky. Blegh.

The Townleybomb
Uh, what makes you think she doesn't know already? She just wants to be on a different side of it than you do.

I was going to make a realdoll joke, but you beat me to it in the tags.
Spaceman Africa
Ranma X.
She uses that forced high-pitched voice the whole way through huh...
My god, its entire channel is infested. Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way.
Pope Caius
I'll have to make do with this until someone uploads a video on how to look like a clown statue.
Yes please.

Jet Bin Fever
People are stupid and they waste their money on bullshit.
"This makeup works on everyone."

Welp, castrated via rectum by a honey badger just became number two on my list of things I never want done to me.
The only thing that could make this better is if I found out it was a dude.
im getting a boner here
That was pretty impressive.
I love how deliciously racist the accent is.
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