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Desc:North Korea's official yt channel has been on fire these last weeks
Category:News & Politics
Tags:propaganda, North Korea, DPRK, uriminzokkiri
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Comment count is 14
You know how serial killers are always played up to be criminal masterminds but the truth of the matter is that they're generally semi-functioning idiots are best? I think the same might be true of totalitarianships.
Insolent invectives is a great term, like North Korea is ruled by the Valyard.
Check out the other videos they put with english subs, they use some very inventive words to insult the south, in an old timey 1930s kind of way.

I think poeTV is included under their term "provocation strongholds"
Jet Bin Fever
I'd like to think so too!

No way... there is no way that North Korea still has the same military gear from the 1950s.

The Coast Guard are less comically dressed, and those clowns wear white and orange (and in some cases, face paint).
Rodents of Unusual Size
Actually, North Korea aims to keep all its citizens in the lap of 50s luxury. Women wear 50s hairstyles and have continuously done so for decades in an effort to show the West who has superior hair.

By "here," you mean the Carolinas, right?

How much is Coke?
Dread Pirate Roberts
For some reason, I read the description as "North Carolina" and was very confused. Thought Korea had instituted gay marriage or some thing. Dunno, it was a weird moment.
Rodents of Unusual Size
They're pretty anti gay here for the most part.

They protested Lady Gaga coming here in mass, wailing about how she was spreading homosexuality. And that's in the South.

If there's anything I got out of this, it was rats, rats, supreme, supremely, rats, rats, imprudence, supreme.
I can't decide if this sounds more like Fawful from the Mario and Luigi games or it was copy and pasted from a random Internet fight.

I'm all for even-handed reporting, but I have to say I don't see "thrice-cursed" in the news nearly enough.
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