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Desc:Former kidnapping victim owns the debate against the blonde "legal expert"
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:CNN, Nancy, grace, elizabeth, smart
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Comment count is 18
What a fucking bitch.
Nancy we all know how it feels like to be a victim when we watch you.
Testicles of Doom
I DESPISE Nancy Grace
why does nancy grace look so scary?
Watching Nancy Grace is every unenjoyable, I can only imagine what it's like having to talk to her.
sudan no1
Does anyone anywhere LIKE Nancy Grace? (I don't)
I love Elizabeth Smart just for the eye roll at 1:23. Priceless.
My Mom watches Nancy Grace every day, just to yell at the TV
I guess we know where to look if and when Elizabeth kills herself.
doc duodenum
I hate this bitch
"How did you see out of that thing!?"
Wonko the Sane
I like how that's followed up with a shot of her eyes clearly unobstructed.

My god. Does this show even HAVE a producer?
Mayberry Pancakes
What a condescending cunt. Brava, Elizabeth, for not taking any of it.
How is this vapid cunt even still on TV? Who keeps putting cameras and microphones where she can she picked up? Stop it, you idiots! We're trying to have a freaking society, here!
Did not deliver in any way. 3 stars for Smart being as composed as she was, but the video itself isn't really worth watching.
Pie Boy
I think Nancy Grace might be a Fail Elemental.
I wouldn't hate her so much if she wasn't put on that grating fake air of concern and compassion, while at the same time trying to dredge up painful memories from a little girl so can exploit them.

This woman talked the mother of a kidnapped young girl into killing herself, and is still on the air. This is no lower bar she can reach.
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