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Ursa_minor - 2012-08-29


kingofthenothing - 2012-08-29

Holy shit.

Chocolate Jesus - 2012-08-29

Chaos? This looks like you garden variety GOP lynch mob.

big pincers - 2012-08-29

so many flag shirts. so many ridiculous hats...

Maru - 2012-08-29


I love all the empty dead eyes of these addled cunts, like that wall-eyed, immobile, fat guy, or the shivering old lady grabbing that pole, or just the people quietly mouthing the words and aren't sure why. Good shit.

chumbucket - 2012-08-29

You nailed it, but also should include the weak:
guys c'mon guys

CJH - 2012-08-29

See Chris Matthews? There's no racism in the GOP. You look like a fool, now don't you?

StanleyPain - 2012-08-29

http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/08/cnn-republican-conventio n-black-camerawoman.php

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-29

I read that this morning! So many horribly embarrassing moments. And by horribly I mean I hope those moments get run over and over in the news tomorrow ad nauseum.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-08-29

Okay, so the Republican delegates are shouting down a speaker form Puerto Rico, because they don't know that Puerto Rica is a part of the US?

Oh, the humanity! The stupid, stupid, humanity!

endlesschris - 2012-08-29

Apparently she went on immediately after the GOP implemented a new rule to not recognize any delegates who aren't there in support of the party's nominated candidate. What you're hearing are Ron Paul's supporters pretty pissed about basically being told to shut up and sit down.

Chalkdust - 2012-08-29

Yeah, this whole scene is chaos, but it's at the very least not racist chaos (at least not here). It's hard to glean the context from this clip.

cognitivedissonance - 2012-08-29

The unexamined life is not worth living, but they would certainly have us believe otherwise.

Corpus Delectable - 2012-08-29

The unexamined life seems to have worked out for me so far, but I haven't really sat down and thought about it.

Riskbreaker - 2012-08-29

Please tell me somebody planted C4 in the building.

That guy - 2012-08-29


That guy - 2012-08-29

Later we'll plant:

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-29

Can-do spirit
Creationism hating
Cherishing the environment
Creating solutions
Canadian outlook

fourthguy - 2012-08-29

Greatest country in the world, ladies and gentlemen.

misterbuns - 2012-08-29

from KOS

http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/29/1125337/-Puerto-Rico- NOT-booed-at-Republican-convention

misterbuns - 2012-08-29

TLDR: I know it's fun when conservatives are plainly, openly xenophobic, so much so that its easy to see that ideology all over their behavior.

It is certainly possible some of that is happening here, but if the account on KOS is right there is context you're overlooking if you're assuming this is a collective expression of xenophobia.

Do some reading before jumping into a narrative, even if its a funny andfamiliar one.

Maru - 2012-08-29

This is the most bone-headed thing about liberals. You don't go around disseminating the defense of your opponents when they embarrass themselves. You -let- them embarrass themselves. If you're a republican you'll even keep hammering away at something long after it's been debunked.

This hasn't even been debunked, btw. I don't see how jumping into the second narrative you see is much better than jumping into the first one, especially when you have republican mercenaries running interference on practically every website there is, seeding phony ambiguity about the substance of their party's policies and rhetoric.

I think it's as likely that it's a mixture of both stories, with the republican drones shouting down the Ron Paul guys, and then the racists slowly joining in under the assumption the chant is being directed at the spick at the lecturn.

Hooker - 2012-08-29

Maru's right. I'm not going to think anything about any subject until I get the context of what the meaning of life is.

misterbuns - 2012-08-29

Hey bro,

nowhere in my response did i use any superlatives or absolute language so I don't know what you're on about with me 'jumping into an assumption'

in fact i said pretty much exactly what you said in the third paragraph.

Glad you got that out of your system.

Feel better?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-08-29

This is what happens when "USA USA USA" is your all-purpose chant for all occasions.

What annoys me are conservatives berating people for suggesting that it's what it looks like. "People who think this is racism are the real racists". Bullshit. It's a natural mistake. But the Ron Paul thing, once posited, seems like a more plausible explanation. Come on, even these jackasses must know that Puerto Rico is part of the USA.

misterbuns - 2012-08-29

also, i just re-read the part where you said 'dont bother trying to find out what the truth is just shout party lines'

holy shit that's gross.

go back to getting your fat, fuzzy ass stuck in boxes.

Bort - 2012-08-29

The thing about the Republicans is, you can afford to be choosy about what you're going to hammer them over. There's some question as to what was going on with this incident ... that's okay, pretty soon there will be an incident you can be completely certain about. You don't have to look for some small misstep that can be blown out of proportion, just wait for them to be loathsome and tell the truth about them.

So while the Republicans are holding their convention, there's an entire hurricane smashing into New Orleans. Bring back any memories? Because in case it wasn't clear, the Romney / Ryan plan is to return the country to the Bush days, only twice as hard.

Maru - 2012-08-29

>Maru's right. I'm not going to think anything about any subject until I get the context of what the meaning of life is.<

No. My point was going out of your way to be unbiased with fascists makes you a big sanctimonious stooge. misterbuns can go enjoy his moral high-ground in Mitt Romney's America.

misterbuns - 2012-08-30

that's MR. Misterbuns 2 u.

Maru - 2012-09-09

oh hey i just reread the part where you quote me saying something i didn't say. the irony might've dawned on you if you had a sense of humor.

Pillager - 2012-08-29

I don't know why I'm surprised, but I really am.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-29

HOLY FUCK this shouldn't surprise me, that you know, they are essentially turning the entire GOP into a racist mob, but god DAMN.

jangbones - 2012-08-29

Turning? Exposing.

Meatsack Jones - 2012-08-29


asian hick - 2012-08-29

http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/08/cnn-republican-conventio n-black-camerawoman.php

Just wow.

sven - 2012-08-29

I'm confused, why only spend one minute on the two minute hate?

Meerkat - 2012-08-29

Really, this should be played out of context on every channel in America, it should be included in political commercials, it should be referred to in every debate.

Hay Should Be Made.

Have no doubt: Hay Would Be Made by the other guys.

1394 - 2012-08-29




TheQuakeSoldier - 2012-08-30

Haahahahahahha. The video shows half of them chanting "KEEP THEM OUT", even though the audio only makes out the USA part. Watch the guy's mouth at 0:28.

fatatty - 2012-09-04

Thank you delegates. Thank you.

Thank you.

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