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Desc:I will not allow another man to think he can come onto to me and be his bitch. Donnelly is no person
Category:Accidents & Explosions
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Comment count is 24
The Mothership - 2012-08-30
Unfortunately, still a victim of bad weightlifting form. Straighten out your arm, make your back horizontal to the floor, bring the dumbbell to the hip.
duck&cover - 2012-08-30
He shouldn't be such a tease, wearing that low cut top and all.
Maru - 2012-08-30
Gen Y Max Cady
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-08-30
That's...way more information than I usually get from these vidoes.

Not that I watch bodybuilder videos all the time. Especially the ones that like to wrestle afterwards.
misterbuns - 2012-08-30
Squeamish - 2012-08-30

Doomstein - 2012-08-30


*stops and leers at the camera for an uncomfortable 30 seconds*


Old People - 2012-08-31
for misterbuns.

garcet71283 - 2012-08-30
If he was a target of molestation before, wouldn't being more physically fit make him more attractive?
Grandmaster Funk - 2012-08-30

FatFatuousNation - 2012-08-30
"As a 37 year old virgin man who' hated by many people half his age because they like to claim they've had more girlfriends than I will ever have in my life will now demonstrate I am more than just a basic basement dweller who is ugly, has an odd voice, and who lacks social skills can have fun just like any normal person. "

FatFatuousNation - 2012-08-30
"In North Carolina, three elderly men thought they could get their hands on me. The first man stalked me while he watch me stretch at a local Park and then followed me in his car for like 5 miles. I knew he was following me because I was driving around in circles and went back into the park and he followed me back into the park. The second guy befriended me at Wal-Mart. When I went to his apartment, he attempted to grab my penis and had to bolt towards the door and flea. The third guy was an elderly man who offered to massage me, but in a very suspicious tone and manner. After this third incident, I said to myself: I am not going to be this skinny kid who these potential sex offenders can get their hand on. I AM NOT GOING TO BE A VICTIM TO THESE SON OF A BITCHES!"

Doomstein - 2012-08-30
God forbid the elderly men don't offer to massage him in the regular manner...

spikestoyiu - 2012-08-31
bolt towards the door and flea.

BHWW - 2012-08-30
If anyone wants to have a bout with me let him come on for I am exceedingly angry; I will box, wrestle, or run, I do not care what it is.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-08-30
He's the most fit TFL'er out there.
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-08-30
Considering the alternatives are people like Bill and Dwayne, yep.

spikestoyiu - 2012-08-30
If anyone tries to harm me, as long as they are one hundred pounds or less, I will lift them about a foot off the floor and then I will lift them another foot thirteen times.
Maru - 2012-08-30
Billy the Poet - 2012-09-02
Does that mean we was molested 4 times, or just that he's very unlucky?

Maru - 2012-09-04
It means he's lying and he was molested all 5 of the times.

Hooker - 2012-08-30
I love the little thing blue shirt is doing in the background through the first half of the video.
Doomstein - 2012-08-30
He tried his best, dammit.

chumbucket - 2012-08-30
This is just the sound of two guys working out!
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