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Desc:Snoop Dog shills for Hot Pockets, also staring Andy Milonakis for reasons.
Category:Advertisements, None
Tags:Snoop Dog, Andy Milonakis, Hot Pocket
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The Mothership
Why does this remind me so much of the ATHF episode with Boost Mobile?
I've come to the conclusion that Snoop Dog is the Poison of rap.
Does rap and hip hop even have a thing about selling out? Even rock / punk / whatever acts that sell out, it's clear that they feel guilty or at least understand that it's controversial. Snoop is just jumping in balls first on this, though.
Not really in the same way that rock does, which is part of the reason there are still good mainstream hip hop artists from time to time.

Void 71
Hip hop has always been the most materialistic form of music around. If capitalism had a soundtrack, it would be produced by Dr. Dre.

5 Stars for former Snoop Lion body guard now WWE Superstar Broadus Clay.
I thought he was Snoop Lion now?
Maybe he realized how stupid it was.

Yeah I thought he does children's songs now? (Seriously, that is a thing I heard)

He said he wanted to make music that his 'children and grandparents could both listen to'

Aubrey McFate
Did Pharrell have to sign off on this? I wonder what his thoughts are about it.
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