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Desc:three days after the election, Republicans are already trying to widen their demographics
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:immigration, white people, Sean Hannity, hypocrisy, GOP
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Comment count is 31
So when illegal immigration became a massive fucking issue for the right-wing in America around 2002/03, I tried asking people what problem is it causing, and nobody was able to answer me at first. Eventually, they started talking about how illegal immigrants create more crime (which turned out to be false) and take away jobs from legal citizens (which the Arizona debacle proved wasn't true).

So, I'd like to ask again, and I mean this sincerely. I really don't know what the problematic effects of illegal immigrants are. What problems do illegal immigrants cause the United States?
They increase a demographic that is not conducive to getting Republicans elected.

Also, they are brown.

Binro the Heretic
According to the Republicans:

O They all smuggle drugs & weapons into the country

O They all work for AL-qaeda

O They take jobs away from honest hard-working Americans

O They get totally free health care on the American taxpayer's dime

O They collect Welfare and food stamps through multiple fraudulent identities

O They send all the money they steal back home to their families

All of which is total bullshit.

Republicans like to pretend that since they are undocumented they don't pay taxes (except payroll taxes, and sales taxes) and are therefore a drain on public services. This is dumb because most of them would be assessed little or no federal taxes anyway due to their income level and the jobs they tend to hold.

Most other complaints against them are just racial bigotry and disdain for poor people. They are generally more helpful than harmful to the country.

Also, as many conservatives refuse to admit, even if there was a compelling rationale to try hunting them down and deporting them all it's not remotely feasible from a logistics standpoint.

The only issue I ever saw personally, that was actual, measurable and the numbers backed it up - was in small rural agricultural communities (which are already impoverished in large part) - and that was the breaking strain put on school districts functioning only with the aid of bond measures - which depend on property tax. These little townships have seen class sizes double in some cases, and a largish (we found the percentage varied between 30 and as high as 70 depending on the location) portion of that increase may (I stress may, we were doing a story, not a three-year scientific project) have arisen in connection with families with one or more parents in the states illegally. Now here's the fun part - almost all of the children were born in the states, and most people would agree that they had every right to go to school - the trouble was straight $, with their parents not ponying up the state income tax or bond money (either through property tax or earmarks on sales tax) that ran the schools their children were overloading. It also has a similar effect on small health clinics in the same areas. In the end, though, both problems pointed to the fragile nature of the economy in rural agrarian areas more than illegals, and that would be the problem that it would be nice to fix. Especially since the easy and instant fix was to give the parents in question citizenship and *oh my god* have them pay their state and federal income tax, let them buy a house, and actually encourage them to monetarily support their town in return.

But shit, who would find jobs for ICE agents after you did that? Fuck the beaners.

I support amnesty for undocumented workers currently in the country, and I support the creation of a reasonable path to citizenship for non-citizens that desire to move here.

That said; the influx of undocumented workers forces already-impoverished low-skill Americans workers to compete for their jobs against people that essentially have no legal rights and are accustomed to almost third-world living conditions.

The huge number of undocumented workers currently in this country drives down wages for people that are already exploited and oppressed. Jobs that otherwise might pay a living wage have a huge pool of undocumented workers to draw from and absolutely zero accountability for hiring them, so why would they deal with labor laws and expectations of pay above the minimum wage?

Leprosy. Illegitimate rape. Leprosy resulting from illegitimate rape. And their dungarees are filthy just look at 'em.

Hey, I wholeheartedly support going after businesses that employ illegal immigrants. It would seem far easier to do that than to deport all illegal immigrants, too. Or give them citizenship, for that matter.

High levels of immigration does have one negative effect actually, from most people's perspective: it lowers wages in many cases. Wages are determined by the supply of labor vs. the demand for it. If the labor market gets flooded, then the value of that labor (i.e. wages) goes down.

There are lots of caveats to that. Sometimes immigrants meet labor needs that simply aren't able to bet met by the current labor pool. In addition, I've read analyses that in the long term the influx of immigrants in effect create their own jobs, and that (again, in the long term) wage levels rise again to the levels they used to be at.

"almost third-world living conditions."

Well at least we ain't Namibia!

If I can change, and he can change, then everyone can change!
But this is less of an evolution for Hannity, and more of a transparent maneuver to court the Hispanic vote in the next election cycle.

Wasn't Bush doing the same shit himself? What ever happened to that?

It's not like the GOP are in danger of losing the votes of poor southern whites. Siding with La Raza would do them nothing but good.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he'd have made the exact same announcement had Romney won.

Really? Hannity? Come on man, I could see a few pundits doing that, but not Haninity.

I think this has more to do with shifting market demographics than it does with changing opinion. The overloads at Fox see a potential decline in viewership as the country is trending more lift (or rather, middle really) and they want to hedge their bets just in case. It's like when they took the muzzle off Shep Smith after Obama won the first time.

Or not, whatever. Hannity is still a fucking Nosferatu.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Yeah, but where's our free stuff?

But he's a great American.

The Grinch's small sense of political self preservation grew three sizes that day.
Comments are already calling for his blood.

I was going to say something like "Wait until you see what the Freepers are saying!" but it's actually about the same.

The people i know that oppose immigration mostly mention drug cartels as THE reason it should stop. Because mexican drug cartels always respect the law.
Republicans don't have beliefs, they have positions.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
"It's simple for me to fix."

Jesus, who is this guy? It's one thing to do a 180 on your view, and something else to pretend that anyone who doesn't agree with your new position is just being obtuse.
going about as well as expected

http://www.salon.com/2012/11/09/conservatives_revolt_over_immi gration_shift/

Republican Party has good message discipline, so expect the national leaders to come up with a - slightly - softer stance on immigration for the next election, and all the complainers to fall in line
Neither Republicans nor Christians should be allowed to take a single step away from nonexistent oblivion without being backhanded right the fuck back to it. These groups don't get to change, WE get to watch them die. We deserve that.

No progress for fascist ideologies, end them all.
Well that's one more Christmas card Jan Brewer doesn't need to send, I guess.
See? I'm telling you guys. 2016 is gonna be Rubio.
The homage vice gives to virtue.
Caminante Nocturno
This idea that they can say they've suddenly stopped being unappealing to Hispanics and that, therefore, we all have to ignore everything they've said and done over the past few decades is so adorably naive. It's going to hold even less water when you remember that conservatives still tolerate people like Jan Brewer and Joe motherfucking Arpaio within their circles.

Louis Armstrong
And to commemorate my evolution, I will now eat a beef and bean burrito while "la cucaracha" plays in the background. Viva la citizenship!
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