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Desc:'GAH! Schneider! I thought I'd erased you from my memory!'
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, 70s, rifftrax, cbs
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Flying High still doesn't have a wikipedia entry. Now I'm...oddly curious.
It's unmentionably brown, cloyingly sweet and more than a little nutty... Reggie.
Thee you at Bay to Breakers
Having just got to the Bay Area, that one hit me hard.

Jet Bin Fever
I think I could actually stomach watching that goddamn thing again if rifftrax played over it.
Rifftrax released a track for the SWHS.

Jet Bin Fever
Well, I gathered that from this video.

Who is Star Wars?

blue vein steel
i'm so tired of all these star wars
If there's one thing I know, is that one day we need to defeat the Phantom Menace.

'Twas the night before Life Day, when all through the tree

Not a Wookiee was joyful, not even Lumpy;

Malla had made a fine meal with great care,

In hopes that Chewbacca soon would be there;

Saun Dann brought gifts and good cheer for the morrow,

But this brief glint of happiness turned right back to sorrow,

The Empire had set up a blockade of sorts,

In search of a ship that eluded their force,

The Falcon had breach'd the restricted airspace,

But the Empire's searching could turn up no trace.

While Itchy had fun in his pleasure machine,

Han and Chewbacca could nowhere be seen.

Back at Mos Eisley, Ackmena led song,

As Star Wars fans one and all gladly watched on.

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,

The Imperials left and Chewbacca drew near!

Han dispatched the trooper, getting rid of his enemy,

and then told the Wookies they were just like his family.

While Chewie stood proud in a fancy red dress,

Leia started to sing, a song sure to impress.

With a Kenner commercial, and Boba Fett cartoon,

Another Life Day had ended, not a moment too soon!
You know I like Rifftrax and all, but I get the feeling that if I ever met those guys, they'd be huge dicks to me. I mean, every time Jo Don Baker was onscreen they'd say nothing but fat jokes!
Shut up fatty

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