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Desc:A charming Sweedish, Swiss, German, Thermien fellow from Macedonian gives Bob a new heart.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:King of Sweeden, Robbaz, carderak arrest, surgeon simulator 2013, massive description edits
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 32
Needs "Robbaz" and "King of Sweeden" tags . . . Yes with 2 e's, what is this amateur hour?
yeah, german? come on james...

James Woods
I can't do anything right. :(

Not correct! Now you're doing a fabulous parody of the tired old stereotype that Americans who can't distinguish between Switzerland and Sweden. I think. Who knows these days.


James Woods
I'm coooold, Where are my pills?

Jet Bin Fever
GERMAN? This is sacrilege.
James Woods
So sorry.

Jet Bin Fever
haha, now he's swiss instead of Swedish... but whatever.

You mean it's not the Doctor from TF2?

I was like this the whole time :)
Controls: A, W, E, R, Space. Good luck.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Qwop goes to medical school.

5 for MacGyver's comment, plus Robbaz is always gold.

The next evolutionary step after the Trespasser game.

I'm seriously having trouble breathing after watching this
This guy is German not Swedish and there's only two e's in Sweden.
*head explodes*

James Woods
Bu..... I....

He's drinking trocadero dude... Also it's a swedish accent... not hard

Hey, I'm only here to serve the tag Gods, and the tag Gods will only link it if it's spelled "Sweeden"

This guy is Thermian and hilarious, though the game makes a great straight man.

The only way to correct the spelling of all the tags is to (A) hope that there's at least one mod or admin left on the site or (B) HAXXOR ALL THERE AKKOUNTS LOLLERSKATES

Psst, BiggerJ: Whoever submitted it can edit the tags, description, etc.

They just have to click the "edit" link by the submitter name.

I know, but I was talking about everything else with the 'King of Sweeden' tag. And various cases in which the poster enver fixed it and never will.

"I can do this with one hand tied behind my back..." were the last words the patient would hear.
I would have breezed through this if they let me use my right hand...left hands are for holding drinks

Tons of gold. "Bonesaw...Oh, shit."
Caminante Nocturno
You guys are out of your minds. Robbaz is clearly Macedonian.
James Woods

There should be a tag for massive description edits.

My walkthrough for this level is as follows:

Use the hammer to bash open the left-hand side of his chest (HIS left-hand side). Giggle maniacally.

Poke at the lung with the hammer a bit to disconnect it. Giggle maniacally.

Pick up any sharp object, stab the heart repeatedly. Pause game to catch breath.

Drop new heart directly into chest cavity, leaving the old one laying somewhere in there, too.

Slap at the new heart until it falls into place.

Feel more sense of accomplishment while playing a video game than you have in years, do a joyful dance.
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