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Desc:'Ex-Gays' being gays that have come ou... in? Back in? As straight.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Gays, lgbt, coming out, pansexual, homo-fascism
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Ex-Gay Lobby Day on Capitol Hill was yesterday, and indeed, the turnout was expected "in the thousands." Fewer than ten people showed up:

"Doyle, who was organizing the since-canceled Ex-Gay Pride banquet at the Family Research Council, complained in an interview with the Christian Post that 'un-American' LGBT rights advocates have 'shut us out,' explaining that 'because of all this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren’t given a fair shake.' "

http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/ fewer-ten-people-show-ex-gay-pride-event-expected-draw-thousands
Sounds like a great guy.

Jet Bin Fever
My gaydar is off the charts.
Oscar Wildcat
The scene in the mens room after the rally must have been smokin'.

"right on"
Wow, that is a heavy lisp. What, they didn't have a speech therapist at your anti-gay brainwashing camp? Cheap bastards.
That's the joke, they can't even alter what actually is a choice in gay people (the gay lisp, which is about one tenth as lispy as the nerd lisp), let alone anything deeper.

Okay, now... now I'm wondering if this is like, they identify as gay in every way but that they don't sleep with other men, because that would be Wrong.

Well Kabbage, there are lots of guys who identify as straight but they don't sleep with women.

I think once you reach a certain age and the hormones simmer down, social acceptance (and the idea of a Biblical heaven) become more important than sex drive, at least for some people. That's probably the only way it can "work".
You know, that's probably a good explaination for Christians too. They could also just live in small town Kentucky though.

Caminante Nocturno
Why should only people different than me have the privilege of being a victim?
Billy the Poet
These guys are planning their next lapse to coincide with Mardi Gras.
I thought this was going to be some wacky Naughty by Nature cover...
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