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Desc:A MrWurlitzerMad joint.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:organ, doodly doodly doo, MrWurlitzerMad, auto accompaniment, hellevator music
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Comment count is 15
5 for using what im guessing is an instrument costing several hundred or thousand dollars to do what a casio could play.
Oh god no, these keyboards are easily sub-0 range. It has lots of buttons and knobs and hoo-dads but it's all just to activate presets and stuff.

yeah this guy is basically rocking the most out of a hunk a junk. I fucking love these types of keyboards thouhg. What, did you think this was a roland?

No, I bet this keyboard cost close to 0 back in the early 90s when it was made.

Actually no, looking at it again I distinctly remember seeing them for 5 or so and Costco. The 0 stuff had MIDI.

The thing I love about this guy's channel is that he DOES have a few multi-thousand dollar 90s (maybe newer) professional digital console organs and some pretty desirable vintage ones, and he doesn't make any distinction between those and stuff like this, he just loves keyboards with auto-accompaniment.

The Yamaha PSR series has always been priced similarly to the similarly-specified Casiotones of the same era. So this cheap-ass keyboard only cost 5 or so when a Casiotone also cost 5 or so. It's disingenuous to compare its original MSRP with the current used value of a contemporary, but similar, piece of shit.

I used to work at Longs Drugs as a teenager and their in-store music was basically just this, near royalty free instrumentals of popular songs.
also needs a Cake tag.

It needs a lot more tags than I could fit.

The God of Biscuits
Actually this song was first sung by some Cuban guy in 1947. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysuB0zybqeQ

Though the Cake version is quite well-known, it's very similar to Doris Day's version in the '60s.

Ah, cool. I had assumed it was an original by Cake, though they do have a decent history of doing covers.

Hey!!!! I learned that cake didn't write this song...thanks.

I like the band Cake quite a bit. I'm just continually surprised to learn how many songs I enjoy were not written by the bands I thought wrote them.

The God of Biscuits
Yeah I really like Cake too, they do great covers and everyone likes Short Skirt Long Jacket

Jet Bin Fever
I love this tune. I always think of Nat King Cole's version from In the Mood for Love though.
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