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Desc:I'm almost positive this is the guy that joylessly chugged that bottle of Cristal
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:fruit by the foot, also his pukes are huge, cristal, dudebro, marathon gorging
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Comment count is 18
This guy deserves the perpetual gutrot he must have. Truly his channel is a loud and obnoxious cry for help.
The God of Biscuits
Total fail. Dude didn't even eat it right.
Oscar Wildcat
Every stat, but not HOW LONG THE THING IS!!!

The stars are for the weeping you see when he removes his glasses.
I was surprised he didn't mention it, either.

(For those interested, there are 96 rolls in there, and they're about 3 feet each, so that's roughly 288 feet, or about 88 meters in total.)

Old People
The title screen says, "3 pounds, 7000 calories, 96 rolls, over 250 feet."

Oscar Wildcat
Bah! Only Old People read...

The Mothership
There is actually a 'fruit by the foot' tag, which would link with other fruit by the foot videos.

The Mothership
I think it is wonderful that we are a website with multiple fruit by the foot videos.

Fruit by the Feat!
Spaceman Africa
It's LA Beast!
He's looking a bit puffier and heavier than in the Cristal video, I wonder if it's something in his diet.
Great idea, and his delivery is pretty funny. How do we know he actually ate any of it? This could have easily been edited.
good lord this is the guy who did "ipecac car wash".
None of the charm of shoenice and he eats things that are much closer to actual food. Please tell me shoenice is the more popular YouTube personality.
Lets check yep he just ate a tube of KY yesterday

I wonder what's in his cup.

I'm assuming it's a concentrated liquid form of flunitrazepam which he ingests daily so subtle skin contact with a bitch will be enough to have the desired effect.
Hey guys, remember when epic meal time went on tour? What a great time that was!
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