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Desc:Happy Viralmas, one and all! Also, you want to be in this family so bad.
Category:Fashion, Humor
Tags:christmas, pajamas, marketing, better parents, Christmas card
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 30
I want to see their heads on a pike.
Jet Bin Fever
Don't be an asshole. These people seem fun to me. I guess you're upset that they're prosperous enough to have a nice little nuclear family, a nice house, and a Prius?

Give Lola another ten years, and I guarantee you she'll be running over people and getting off scott-free.

These people are horrible, and it has nothing to do with how much money they have.

Yeah, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd probably hate them just as much, if not more, if they were white trash singing about their matching Hatchet Gear jammies.

Jet Bin Fever
I'm really sorry for you guys. It's one thing to say "well they named their kid Penn" but being ashamed of something and hating it are entirely different things. They don't seem like terrible parents or bad people really, so why hate them?

I want no one else to succeed.

Oscar Wildcat
Nah Homer, these people are pretty solidly middle class. What we used to call the petite bourgeoisie. In a decade or so, Lola will graduate with some kind of nice degree from a decent school, and before embarking on her career volunteer for a year or two teaching grade school kids in the inner city. It will a total mystery to her why they don't just "go to college and apply themselves, as it worked so well for me". And it's a line item on her resume. But still, having a hundred or so of these people is far superior to one Walton. These folks will actually spend their money and fuel the real economy, unlike the Waltons and their ilk.

Just so long as they stay in their yard and not crash my parties, I'm OK. But yeah, the whole twee thing is a little overbearing, or maybe a lot (grin).

Whenever I see people being happy and having fun I want to go scream at them and claw their beautiful faces.

You know, JBF, I'm beginning to question your commitment to the War on Christmas.

Mr Wildcat - they're marketing professionals and this is a painfully self-aware commercial for their "media coaching" firm, Greenroom Communications LLC. In other words, they're douchebags who've built a career around telling other douchebags the best ways to lie about products and bullshit at other professionals, using the very latest in meaningless jargon and slick graphic design. And this music video is their way to demonstrate to potential clients how "down to earth" and "viral" they can be; because old people customers like down to earth, and young people customers like viral.

It's like everything Patrice Wilson's done post-Rebecca Black, only without the edge.

(I'm glad that you're not opposed to the middle class, though)

"Want a video like this for your family or company? Holla at us: info@visitthegreenroom.com"

Yes, in addition to whoring their kids out for their shitty production company, they used the word "holla".

did you watch the entire video? because i can understand if you didnt finish it- it was cute

until the SHILLING

then it makes you feel the same way when an old friend calls you up to chat and twenty minutes in they say "by the way-- im working for vector marketing now- wanna host a fun knives party?"

The modern day family Christmas newsletter... Guess the "Joneses" must show off their success.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh, please. Their kids look like they had a ton of fun making this. These people look totally normal and awesome.

But then I grew up without any kind of parenting so any parent that shows even slight affection for their children will be likely to move me.

infinite zest
OK.. I watched the whole thing. I really, really hope that's a joke about the Dad leaving a local news anchor job in order to team up with his control freak of a wife who thinks she's Dee from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Next year's video card will most likely be filmed in the back of that Prius.

Jet Bin Fever
I didn't notice the shilling. That's pretty shitty. I thought they just made it for fun. I retract all my comments, you may take their heads.

Perty cute.
I died a little on the inside.
infinite zest
I made it to 0:23. Bah fucking humbug
I made it 8 seconds. NO.

1:06, they named the kid "Penn Charles." Pretty much destined to be a cunt from birth.
All I want for christmas is fuck you.
The New Meat
This would have been tolerable except for their Prius bragging.
Two of my coworkers have the same color Prius...

Adham Nu'man
Someone needs to dub the "White People" song from Wonder Showzen over this. Then it'd be perfect.


Very evil. And White People tag, damn it.
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