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Desc:The toughest vato
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Gangsters, machismo, key & peele
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Comment count is 8
Very surprised that this show manages to be so consistently good.
Yup. Half the time their premises are lame or uninspired, but they're able to turn most of them into gold. Not quite sure how they do it.

I guess that's why they're the professional comedians, and I'm just some dork who occasionally makes jokes online.

As someone who doesn't sit in chairs, this hits pretty close to home.
Prickly Pete
Ah that old "Latinos don't sit in chairs" stereotype is so played out!
Ghost stars for the content of their meeting. "We've gotta sell more drugs or make more crimes happen, esse."
beat me to it, but its Christmas time, so you can have mine.

This really is not all that far off from real cholo homie guys.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Five minutes after this week's show, People were already working hard on making "Pussy on the chainwax" into a meme. A friend and I actually tweeted it to each other simultaneously. Wish I was kidding. This kind of self-conscious forced memery is no doubt an abomination, but I'll be uploading my POTCW music video soon.

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