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Desc:will this be a steaming turd? trailer looks promising...
Category:Trailers, Horror
Tags:horror, silent hill, O Canada, Pyrmaid Head, zombie nurses
Submitted:big pincers
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Comment count is 14
StanleyPain - 2012-08-29
I'm being optimistic that it might not be bad. Yes, it confuses the imagery and mythology of the series but whatever. The director is Michael Bassett who's done some good work (including Solomon Kane which literally had not been released in North America until just today, ironically enough). It'll probably be pretty entertaining.
sosage - 2012-08-29
The only Silent Hill...thing...anyone should experience is playing part 2. Everything else in this franchise is just a bizarre failure at hitting that mark twice.
Binro the Heretic - 2012-08-29
Agreed. "Restless Dreams" builds on the idea the town itself is some kind of entity preying on people with severe psychological problems and using those problems against them.

That's why a guy suffering massive guilt and grief sees horrifying manifestations of lust and death. A victim of childhood sexual abuse sees beds transformed into rape monsters. A normal little girl, however, sees only an abandoned town.

The rest of the series slowly devolves into trying to create a back story for each of the monsters and the town while focusing more on the gory and visually shocking elements.

It's like the difference between the original "Saw", which was a decent enough mind-fuck thriller, and the subsequent sequels which turned into a gore fest about deadly Rube Goldberg contraptions.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-08-29
If the terrible Silent Hill movie and the terrible new Resident Evil movie are in the theaters at the same time, that's just silly.
Riskbreaker - 2012-08-29
More than enough to cover the fee of bad vg movies this year.

Dirty Sanchez - 2012-08-29
Yeah, it's kind of disappointing that none of these movies are about the sequel which was the best one. 1 + 3 has a very convoluted plot that's a lot to shove into a movie.
jangbones - 2012-08-29
Is that Jon Snow?

The first movie should have been excellent, how the hell do you fuck that up?
Tripitaka - 2012-08-29
This will only be worth the price of admission if Heather pukes up a fetus.
RockBolt - 2012-08-29
The first movie had some brief epic moments, and as much as it still makes no sense for Pyramid Head to be involved at least maybe he can be awesome on film for 5 more minutes
Aubrey McFate - 2012-08-29
The first movie was decent enough and had some really great moments. This looks okay too. Why the hell not.

Not a fan of the girl playing not-Heather though. It looks like she's doing the typical "scared girl with two facial expressions" thing. Also her face is puffy, like she was born with a facelift or something.

You know what, I talked myself out of it. I'll wait for a torrent.
FABIO - 2012-08-30
If you only count the time from when the first monsters show up to when they reach the church, the first movie was pretty decent! If you do count them it was a missed opportunity.

I dunno. I think it would take oldschool David Lynch to make someone good out of this, or at least Adrian Lyne.
CJH - 2012-08-30
hmm interesting perspective. who do you think should direct a league of legends movie? i'm thinking ang lee.

FABIO - 2012-08-30
I'm not sure you're familiar with any of those guys' filmographies =(

FABIO - 2012-08-30
I must be the only SH fan who hated Pyramid Head. Nearly every other enemy was so bizzare and horrific they evoked a THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST reaction. Then we get one who's just a potbellied butcher with mickey mouse gloves and silly helmet. All hopes of taking him seriously went out the window when James gave him his name.

After that whenever he showed up it was more annoying than scary, wondering if I supposed to run or wait around for another invisible trigger again.

Give me contorted burn victims any day.
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