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Desc:I... just... uh...
Category:Trailers, Arts
Tags:Fantasy, Thriller, bad movies, Supernatural, ACTING!
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 19
Billy the Poet
Didn't that guy make a make a movie where he is Jesus? He looks familiar.
Oscar Wildcat
It always tastes better the second time around.


How this ended up at the 73q domain is beyond my ken. PMS? You still out there?
Wait, so 73Q is like poeTV..., but without hopper restrictions...

*sits back to watch the 73Q brony/troll explosion*

At least it'll see some use that way.

To contact PMS, comment on his video here - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128798

You could also try leaving a comment on


Old People
This is why I come here.
I really admire that this guy went and made his movie despite it all. The fact that it's entertainingly terrible is just icing.
No more books!
James Woods
You're taking me apart, books!

I would love to see this intercut with The Room as a trailer for its love child.

5-starring your own submission? You're out of the game, Woods! You're a loose cannon!

Sudan no1
You can edit this into an infomercial.

"I've hacked into the most secret government and corporate secrets."
"No more books!"
"Act now."

James Woods
That was an accident I swear! I was on bath salts!


Rodents of Unusual Size

Ranma X.
I got to see this film at the Cinefamily last year. Neal Breen is incredible.
That guy
It's NEIL Breen, you poser.

You probably haven't even seen I Am Here Now *or* Double Down.

Killer Joe
Seems like he's be doing some hacking.
Rodents of Unusual Size
That was a perfectly good abandoned nightstand in the middle of the desert you paranormal ASSHOLE.
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