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Desc:Then gets a bonus reward.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Soccer, football, Italy, celebration, smashy smashy
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Comment count is 16
That soccer player had a "smashing" good time while it lasted.
*wink wink*
I don't know. He looked to be in pane to me.

I see through your transparent puns.

infinite zest
when you see a window of opportunity, you take it

Jet Bin Fever
Was hoping for more blood.
That guy
I got shouted down on a sports site for suggesting that this isn't a red card. I'm probably right, as it's not clear what law of the game makes this a red card. [I reffed a lot]

And my reward is like a dozen people calling me no end of names without explaining why I'm wrong.

Ah, internet....
infinite zest
I was the world's shittiest soccer player, but I think there's an offsides penalty kick rule. Like when the goalie intercepts it you can't just storm the goal like that. I could be wrong though.

That guy
there was no offside infraction on that play
there were two kicks by the attackers

on the first one, the free kick, none of the kicker's teammates was offside
on the second, the goal, no attacker was offside because they were all behind the ball

Unsportsmanlike conduct maybe?

That guy
...is not a red card.

I know very little about soccer, I was honestly wondering myself if the red card was due to improper soccering or the whole smashing a pane of glass with his face thing.

That guy
The red's for the broken plastic on the 'dugout'. He does nothing else worth mentioning.

This has to be the lowest level amateur soccer in Italy. When I played pick-up soccer there, the level of play was higher than this. The ham-handed goalkeeper is too much to believe.

I just pictured Italy having dudes roaming local parks, whose entire thing is to referee and hand out cards if a pick up game breaks out. Like, that is the position they prefer to play.

"After my next goal I'm going to celebrate by _____ "
Time for some astroturf.
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