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Desc:I want to go 'fatty boom boom!' but he's got a point
Category:News & Politics, Science & Technology
Tags:Piracy, call of duty, Mega, Kim Dotcom, Megaupload
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Damn. Kimball Goes Monaco is down. I'll find a resubmit when I don't feel so lazy.
I guess it's safe to say making big money from a hosting service is not an option anymore.

But yes, the man said nothing but the truth. Sucks that Vice's reporters are all mentally retarded hipsters, this guy made some really stupid questions.
Sure it's still an option, as longs as it's called YouTube.

infinite zest
I've always appreciated Vice's everyday, friendly, kinda knowledgeable-on-the-subject-but-mostly-hipster-doofus over the Michael Moores who will ask more questions than the interviewee is comfortable with answering, backing them into a corner.

Here, you've got a polite young gentleman who will bob his head in appreciation while listening to Kim's "music." You really don't see that with other news outlets.

But maybe this is me just trying to get a job at Vice (I know you're out here somewhere on poetv, I've got a hoodie and dropped out of journalism school to do "my own thing!") :)

See, I rather like the subjects of many Vice videos, but I despise the reporters, especially the reporters and keep the camera on themselves more tahn anything else in the doc. Their "Every Woman" series was the most infuriating, as instead of focusing on the jobs they wre supposed to be highlighting, they just ended up being reality show about two rich ladies from NYC slumming it in the midwest and crying about it.

Genearlly, if a doc of any kinds startes witht eh words "I'm a filmmaker..." Then it should be turned off. There is one doc that was about the filmmaker himself that was any good, and that was "Shermann's March", and only because it wasn't meant to be about him.

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