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Desc:He's gonna be an asshole when he grows up.
Tags:Magic, kid, baseball, texas rangers, don juan
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Comment count is 6
Azmo23 - 2014-05-21
-1 for either reminding me baseball is almost as boring as magic, or for the confusing (british?) reference to birds in video title
Hooker - 2014-05-21
Is that British math?

infinite zest - 2014-05-21
Yeah I thought it was an actual bird too. When I was in Australia as a kid there was this postcard at this tourist shop that said "birds of australia." 3 big boobed naked girls. I was like 10 years old so of course I bought it. Never really got the etymological aspect though.. maybe the chest?

Anyway five stars for the kid being smart: he wasn't gonna tap it anyway.

Cube - 2014-05-22
Boobies and tits are birds.

Meerkat - 2014-05-21
They are learning younger and younger!
Riskbreaker - 2014-05-22
Throw this kid to the PUA seminars. He would kill it.
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