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Desc:Walkers Be Trippin'
Category:Business, General Station
Tags:bad lip reading, carl poppa, la jiggy jar jar do
Submitted:That guy
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Comment count is 8
oddeye - 2014-10-23
Apocalypse... eclipse

Fuck y'all
That guy - 2014-10-23
whatever, taco lips

chumbucket - 2014-10-23
I laughed.
infinite zest - 2014-10-23
I can't really rate this fairly because unlike everybody in the world I've never seen the show, but it sounds like a better pop song than most of what I hear at the mall, even if it does sort of sound like Cyndi Lauper Time After Time.

So what's the deal here? Is that his dad? Is he trying to convince him to not be a zombie?
exy - 2014-10-23
I haven't seen this far in the show but I've read further ahead in the graphic novels than the show's made it. That's indeed his dad, who in the graphic novels is a more clearly unkillable protagonist than in the show (the smartest thing they've done with the show is mix up who lives and who dies), but the show could spare him okay.

One interesting difference between the show and graphic novel is that Carl's development into a cold-blooded killer is purely chilling in the graphic novel (where his cold-bloodedness is unleashed), but it makes him into a heroic badass on the show. Paging Truffaut?

infinite zest - 2014-10-23
It seems like an interesting show. I do a lot of extra work and am also involved in costume design so I like the amount of detail that goes into the zombies, even if their screentime is 20 seconds. And the gore effects are pretty cool too, although I miss classic Tom Savini. I like zombies but I can't picture myself getting too involved with the survivors any more than I could imagine watching an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness TV series.

oddeye - 2014-10-24
It's shit dude. The best character (racist brother) *SPOILER* dies *END SPOILER* and loads of could-be-interesting characters are introduced, only to be killed off in an episode or two.

It's a bleak and harsh reality, we get it, yet certain people are basically invincible despite constantly placing themselves in the gravest of dangers. Yeah, ok.

I can't bring myself to care about any of them. Maybe the REAL zombies....are the people!! Or the viewers!!

Bort - 2014-10-23
The bad lip sync parts were good. The rest didn't do it for me.
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