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Desc:Rich Hall has some opinions.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, Rich Hall, cheesecake
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Comment count is 10
This is from his special on road movies, where he makes a solid case that Two Lane Blacktop is one of the greatest road movies ever made.

You wouldn't think a movie starring James Taylor, Warren Oates and the drummer from the Beach Boys could be an important film, but you'd be wrong.
The Mothership
Two Lane Blacktop is a great movie.

Monte Hellman is my facebook friend.
Most of his posts are advertisements for his Laurel Canyon apartment. I can't imagine being his roommate, and I've fantasized about it, if I could afford it. The rest of his posts are reviews of his films and him complaining about how piracy is destroying the industry.

I agree though, Hellman is a genius.

infinite zest
Well, Coppola also did a certain trilogy..

but he makes a good point. A little off topic, but I'm just finding out about this Rich Hall person. Did you know he was the inspiration for The Simpsons' Moe?
Caminante Nocturno
He was also the host of a painfully short-lived show called Onion World, back when Comedy Central was young.

They were still The Comedy Channel at the time, which is just a reminder of how far back that was.

Binro the Heretic

Pretty much.
Kid Fenris
Funny, I thought Jaws was the film that pushed studios toward blockbuster favoritism, while the failure of Heaven's Gate killed the 1970s trend of directorial freedom.
Yeah, but you can't poorly deliver the same joke that Patton Oswalt did if you point that out.

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