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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:, toilet, potty training, better call saul
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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There's a related thing in the hopper:

That doesn't make sense, Bort. !!!SPOILERS!!! by the time Better Call Saul invented the Sex Toilet (dibs on band name), Heisenberg had been dead for quite some time. It's been like, what, three years since the episode aired where he was sitting on the toilet, reading Walt Whitman, yes? So he's been dead for three years. Now how could Heisenberg be pooping on a toilet that's outfitted with an invention that, we know from the dialogue of last week's episode, hasn't even been invented yet?!?!

Use your brain, people.

First of all, you're forgetting the season with the four decoy Heisenbergs while the real Heisenberg was reinventing himself in Tibet; they haven't been accounted for yet. But the other thing is, we never saw Chandler in the scene with B.C.S and the inventor ... I say this IS Chandler, testing the prototype for his builder. Yes, he was constructed as a perfect replica of one of the Heisenbergs, probably as part of a scheme to get Walter White's gambling winnings.

Remember the end of the whole show when Walt and Jessie are in the hotel and there's a sex toilet in their room? And then when they use it it says "It's good that you broke bad." And then they have a good laugh and Saul comes in "DID I DO THAT?"

No, Stanley, that never happened. Stop being silly.

So how long until some jokester remixes this scene with ChrisChan?
Sexy Duck Cop
There is literally no prestigious cable drama that can't be improved with a Chris-Chan invasion.

Chris-Chan sits on the Iron Throne, having slain Stannis Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, and Danaerys Targaryean. He slumps upon his seat of blades and sighs "So many trolls...givin' me so much hate...gonna make me crash....into slumber...."

Chris-Chan is at the helm of Draper-Price-Waterhouse-Whateveridontreallywatchmadmen: "Hello Mr. associated business people and such....*sigh*....this is, this is, very much a business full of money facts."

Chris-Chan hogties Tony Soprano to steel chair with the bottom cut out so his testicles are isolated from the rest of his body: "So if I put three buzzing dildos in my bra, that means I'm not gay, right?"

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