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Desc:Beware of spoilers for my new favorite kids' show.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:fusion, rebecca sugar, steven universe, Better Soliloquies, Estelle
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Comment count is 21
RedRust - 2015-03-15
The singing during the fight scene makes it different...
Binro the Heretic - 2015-03-15
Based on the original ad campaign, I didn't think I was going to like this show.

I was pleasantly surprised.
infinite zest - 2015-03-15
I mentioned it before, but I started becoming interested in it because it when I learned that it was the first CN show created by a woman, even though it kind of lives out every prepubescent boy's fantasy (or at least mine). It's got this very self-aware 70/80s anime style that I feel would get lost on kids, but feels a little forced for those of us adult kids who remember.. but this was pure magic even though I probably saw a little more than I should've. :)

NewHeavenSockman - 2015-03-16
I was also going to note that this show feels like a socially conscious update to olden animes. as it stands, it's amazing how good steven universe is at setting up and executing its emotional climaxes, must be because of all those WOMEN working on it amirite???

and yeah the ad campaign before the show premiere was godawful

fluffy - 2015-03-15
This was also sort of the season finale (although it's confusing because they ended up rejiggering the schedule in strange ways that also broke how Cartoon Network provides episodes to iTunes and Amazon, so now it's all fucked up).

But yeah in case the description wasn't enough, HUGE FUCKING SPOILERS in this.
infinite zest - 2015-03-15
Yeah.. whenever I'm working days I leave Cartoon Network on, as my dude seems to like it. I swear weekday CN is the best thing to happen to the unemployed or caregivers ever. It's a spoiler but for some reason it doesn't bother me like other spoilers do.

Xenocide - 2015-03-15
This episode is the season 1 finale, but CN held back a couple of stand-alone episodes from earlier in the season and will play them over the next couple of weeks.

infinite zest - 2015-03-16
That's weird. Even in syndication they'd always show The Simpsons in order, and besides Who Shot Mr. Burns there was never much linearity except for characters who died and things like that. I don't really follow these shows religiously but I'm usually passively watching Gumball at work, and

(slight spoiler)

they had the one where he gets his "nemesis" and I was like "shoot, missed the backstory" and the very next day was the episode that established who this person was. I don't really watch it in my free time either, but for a while there I thought that the crow guy from Regular Show had a girlfriend and another one on the side.

RocketBlender - 2015-03-16
I hate to say it, butter whole CN/iTunes thing is a goddamn mess. I stopped buying adventure time on there around season 3 that they clipped the last few episodes to sell as part of a new season pass, leaving the season with significantly fewer episodes than the others.

Naturally, they didn't make up for it by having the full season plus the extra episodes with the new pass, they just clipped a few more, repeating the process. I haven't paid attention to iTunes "seasons" since, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a whole extra "season" of the shot on iTunes vs. how they're listed anywhere else.

Also, this show is great, thanks for pointing it out to me.

fluffy - 2015-03-16
The rearrangement of the broadcast schedule is okay, but the problem is that now the three-part finale is broken up strangely; The Return (part 2) and Jailbreak (part 3) are part of a set, and then the next set of DD episodes consists of Full Disclosure (the season 2 premiere) and Political Power (part 1 of the finale).

So now it's out of order in a way that makes no damn sense, and had nothing to do with the broadcast order either.

What would have worked a lot better is if if they'd just kept the order the same as broadcast: Political Power + The Return (ending on a cliffhanger), then Jailbreak and Full Disclosure (with a kind of awkward star wipe picking up the story where it left off).

But it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

fluffy - 2015-03-17
Oh and personally I buy the season passes on Amazon to support the show, and then I torrent the episodes to actually watch them. Better viewing experience that way.

Xenocide - 2015-03-15
Garnet is made of lesbians. Jasper just got her ass kicked by a stable relationship. Pearl is in love with a dead woman. Amethyst is one of the outer space Boys From Brazil. Steven keeps his bicycle inside a lion.

This show is a goddamn miracle.
Binro the Heretic - 2015-03-16

Don't forget Steven fusing with Connie into a hot teen chick.

fluffy - 2015-03-17
Presumably chick. Stevonnie is kind of gender-ambiguous.

Also, Word of God is that the Gems are all technically sexless androgynes that just happen to look feminine in their human forms. It's been stated that their bodies are "human constructs" which aren't their true forms (see Fusion Cuisine), and it's been implied that said constructs were just to make their [SPOILER]invasion of Earth[/SPOILER] go more smoothly.

Spaceman Africa - 2015-03-16
i need spoilers for me 10 minute long kid's shows
RocketBlender - 2015-03-16
Seriously, if you can't understand why this clip is important enough to be on here...

Maggot Brain - 2015-03-16
I need to start watching this show again. Probably the closest thing to american's doing anime ever.
Kid Fenris - 2015-03-16
I like it, but I sometimes wonder if this sort of show (Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc.) gets unearned praise because it's introduced as a cartoon presumably for children. If the concepts, dialogue, and plot twists appeared in something ostensibly for adults, they wouldn't impress nearly as much.

Of course, some would argue that this is the point: a show presenting traces of mature material beneath a colorful comic-book veneer. And I can't argue with that so much.
RocketBlender - 2015-03-16
I can see your point with Gravity Falls, especially the last two episodes. But this kind of thing is a little different, in my mind. There's something being taught here, even if the kids don't realize it at the time.

While Gravity Falls is pushing the envelope on the kind of humor that can be marketed to kids, this show is pushing the envelope on what kinds of values can be taught. I'm about 20 episodes in, and the show demonstrates a constant theme of tolerance with a subtlety most could never achieve.

Xenocide - 2015-03-16
I think that too, but then I remember that the most popular shows for adults are NCIS spinoffs, dusty generic cop procedurals where the minority always did it, and Chuck Lorre sitcoms.

Frankly I think the only reason these shows are allowed to be so creative is because they're for kids. Adult TV seems to insist on predictability and formula a lot more.

fluffy - 2015-03-17
Also the overarching theme of Steven Universe, both in-show and in real life, is that if you work together you can make something bigger and stronger than what you can do on your own. And this message is delivered in a way that is incredibly powerful, easy to appreciate, and impossible to ignore.

Even the story about how the climactic battle song came together is part of that message. http://rebeccasugar.tumblr.com/post/113494940738/surasshu-this-def initely-qualifies-as-a-career

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