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Category:Classic Movies, Trailers
Tags:Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, The Shining, mashups, The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Comment count is 11
I liked it. There's been a couple of Kubrick/Wes Anderson mashups, probably because they've got a similar visual sensibility despite making films that are tonally at opposite ends of the spectrum. They're usually a bit shit, probably because it's a really easy observation to make, but this is the best one I've seen. I appreciate the attention to detail with the colour timing etc.
I also thought it was pretty funny how in this, Room 237 is just a room where that guy is perpetually getting blowjays from old ladies.
infinite zest
Can Wes Anderson, like, please never ever make a movie again? Just disappear you twee fuck.
This is how I feel about your posts tbh.

infinite zest
Say what you want about my long posts, but I've seen much longer. And long posts are why I liked coming to poe since the beginning, vs. commenting on reddit, YT or whatever. At least I haven't made a career out of being a talentless blogger yet like Anderson has by born rich with a camera

He's like the Blink 182 of directors. It's okay to like when you're 15, assuming it leads you to better things.
infinite zest
Heh.. or Less Than Jake for me when I was 14, but at least I got to be in a moshpit with cute teen punk girls and brush up against them.. every Anderson movie I've seen has been with a girl and I have to lie about how much I liked it. Last one I saw was Moonrise Kingdom and I was just keeping my mouth shut until she said she didn't really like it and I was like "yes I can finally vent about how much I hate this guy's movies!" But she was also kind of a bitch so we broke up.

infinite zest
Oh wait Grand Budapest Hotel came out after.. I saw that one too. That one could've almost been good and I actually liked the story. But then comes all the Wes Anderson stuff.

You think the story is the good part of Grand Budapest and what lets it down is all the Wes Anderson shit.

5 stars for appropriate Wes Anderson hate.
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