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Desc:Meanwhile, in Japan, an owl owner visits the owl cafe.
Category:Pets & Animals, Fashion
Tags:Japan, cute, better animals, cute overload, OWLegory
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Comment count is 7
The Mothership
I can feel the seething hate behind those eyes through the screen for god's sake. Domesticated owls, Jesus.

The mere idea of owls with bells tied to their feet is depressing. Seriously, think about that.
The Mothership
full disclosure: I voted this out of the hopper cause it's just so damned cute.

Robin Kestrel
Come on, that owl is having an interesting time. Maybe he was bored with owl shit.

infinite zest
Texting while driving without wearing a seatbelt :(
owls are dicks
"Can I have two adult rats with severed spines and a decaf coffee?"
I would imagine having an owl would be like having a carnivorous parrot.
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