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Desc:Two can play at plagiarism, Brian Harrod.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:youtube, Brian Harrod, power washing, rye brook, quality power washing in rye brook
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Comment count is 27
if anyone in the rye brook area calls me and mentions Brian Harrod i will power wash whatever they want for free

Oscar Wildcat
Challenge him to a powerwashing duel, Chairs. There can be only one Powerwasher in Rye!
infinite zest
So, were you needing to powerwash anyway or was this strictly in retaliation? If so, Mr. Harrod needs to make a couple videos of cleaning the bathtub and changing this stupid fucking lightbulb that's stuck in its fixture for me right about now :)
Retaliation. This is war.

also rye NY, like the rest of the surrounding area is a swamp... which is awesome for moss.

and we just had a flash flood so yeah we needed to de-mud

infinite zest
Oh flash floods, how I sort of miss you. They'd usually occur in the middle of the day in Wisconsin when I was at work. You couldn't even see across the street and then it was just smooth sailing because nobody came in for a couple of hours because everybody who might have wanted to buy something went home to change their clothes since it was a pedestrians only street I worked on. I smoked a lot of pot at that job.

The Mothership
I'm just amazed at the number of powerwashing videos there are out there. Also I approve of slandering his business in a public venue.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Brian, you might want to back off now. This forum is bored and hasn't seen real drama in a while, and whereas your rather dim understanding of why it's bad to lift comments from another site is somewhat pitiable, some of these people are not going to stop until you either apologize or stop lifting any comments from PoeTV. I realize this may seem innocuous to you, but you should stop now. It's not good for anyone.

I've changed my mind. Video DOES equal Rye Brook Power Washing!
brilliant, and so well deserved
No one would believe this in a TV show, they should have sent a poet.
That guy
Now that's some power-washing that I can trust to be morally upright with the rights of authors!!!
Great job of pushing dirt around.
i was holding an iPhone and trying to avoid showing you guys all the garbage in my driveway

Two Jar Slave
I think chum meant it metaphorically?

That guy
By the way, for those of you who think he's harmless, Brian Harrod has stolen hundreds of comments from people, whether jokes or oberservations. Sometimes whole paragraphs.

On top of that, he's making money from it- he uses his feeds to advertise for various businesses.
yeah i should have pointed out from the beginning that anyone who owns a business here is also a hedge fund manager

That guy
Is this supposed to be a reason to dismiss his plagiarism and theft?

If it's beneath your concern, that I can understand. But I think he's an asshole for doing what he does.

wtf, no way... what

That guy
OH. You mean that anyone who owns a business around where you live is an actual hedge fund manager??

there are a lot of them... this area of ny is really close to greenwich ct if that says anything (super rich)

That guy
I completely misunderstood. Blinded by rage.

no worries man, Brian Harrod has got to make bank to live here. (i'm' here in embarrassing circumstances i won't get into) but yeah. Westchester is crazy expensive.

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