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Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:dog, bulldog, box, bonk
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Comment count is 10
Boomer The Dog
Hey, the video is working now, I think I fixed it.. :)

Bulldog Diesel locked in a loop, he loves his box lid. Now most Dogs with longer muzzles probably wouldn't have this problem, they could see around the sides a bit more, but Bulldogs have those flat faces.

It must be awesome for him, the experience of walking forward and yet nothing comes closer, like walking into a void.

A metaphor for those who spend their lives blind; by refusing to let go of their immediate attachments they are forever trapped by them, no matter how far they try and roam.

If only they would listen to an older woman in authority calling their name and giggling at their antics.

Fuck I'm horny

Hey. Hey oddeye.

Rita Repulsa shoving your head inside a cardboard box, and then laughing as you stumble blindly around her dungeon of pleasures.

That would actually be pretty hot, even hotter if we were harassing someone else stumbling around blind.

Holy shit I wish I could draw.

Boomer The Dog
Badideas, yeah, but it's as easy as dropping the box! It must be harder, but that first step could give some people hope. Good take on it.


What do you look like, oddeye?

Sexy Duck Cop
What kind of parking lot is this? He walks into a wall, a car, a tree, a fence, a volcano, a glacier, a nuclear processing plant, an abortion clinic, and the Iowa caucases without ever leaving the lot.
infinite zest
This is probably what Maru dreams about.
Jimmy Labatt
God these things are adorably stupid.
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