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Desc:Baph on Math
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:math, baphomet, big head scientist, Xeno-Mathematics
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five 5-pointed stars.
When you throw skewed understandings of math, science, physics and the universe into a pot and add the occult you get "mystic wisdom"!
You call it the sea goat but do you really see the goat? See.
The universe is a dodecahedron composed of pentagrams! In your face Hubble!
Rodents of Unusual Size
Baphomet thinks he's so great. Can he wear a trilby hat, though? CASE CLOSED.
Once you Big Head Scientist. You are in the Big Head Scientist. You will know the danger of Yakub and understand your nefarious graftation.
probably not a good video to watch while adjusting to an SSRI
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