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Desc:Liberty University Law School's current dean has the answer.
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:Christian, america, University, RWW, bad news for baldphobic youths
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Comment count is 11
In Comedy news; in a 9:0 decision SCOTUS told the state clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to fuck off. Her lawyers are from (you guessed it!) Liberty University
Every article I have ever read about Liberty is hee-larious

completely insulated from reality...while teaching law

no one with double digit functioning synapses gives them a shred of credibility

PoEPoll time!

You have been arrested; do you get an overworked public defender or liberty university grad?
I'd want a sovereign citizen. If I'm gonna do time anyways, I want to be entertained.

If you're lucky the judge might grant you a stay due to mental illness.

Ms. Lindevaldsen, here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you ever becoming a REAL lawyer.
Yes and don't you scrubs ever forget it.
Maggot Brain
The only thing "Jesus" ever really did was liberate the Temple of Worship from being in a fixed place. THAT'S IT! Hell, even some people to this very day believe in the one in only temple. Convince them that the Temple of Worship has been freed and maybe I'll listen to your little speal about "natural law."
Killer Joe
One thing I always find interesting is how they figure America got our laws from god, but for a long-ass time before and after Jesus we had mostly monarchies* in Europe/Asia with some version of the divine right of kings stomping down anything they didn't like. What is their reasoning as to why the biblical commands that they figure turned into American freedom/laws didn't kick in till after the French revolution? Shouldn't the laws of god been doing something similar throughout history?
Americans have the rights we have because we decided we'd have them as best I can tell, all spiritual guidance aside. Most of the rest we just kept from English laws of the time.
I'm genuinely interested to see if there's anything more to it than "CUZ JEEZUS BLESS'D THIS LAY-UND!", or if, you know, that's the best they can do.

* As far as I know, I'm not a history nerd
You guessed right that it's a lot more complicated than commonly supposed. The simple summary is that there was a *lot* of variety across geography and across time. There were proper monarchies, petty princedoms, city states rules by oligarchies or the local despots, wide areas of lawlessness. Few or no democracies we'd recognize as such, but lots of surprisingly democratic institutions, especially at local levels.

Over this, the Medieval Catholic Church was inconsistent. They were actually surprisingly hostile early-on to the "divine right of kings", seeing it as a non-Christian German practice; they'd have preferrred all kings to be subservient to the Pope. This led to them essentially smashing the German Holy Roman Empire into pieces in the investiture controversy. But they needed powerful support from *someone*, so threw their weight (much of the time) behind the "Most Christian King" of France and (usually) the kings of Spain, Portugal, and (pre-Reformation) England

Meanwhile, the Medieval Orthodox Church was very much a creature of the Roman Emperor in Byzantinium, except when it was turning on him.

Perhaps a better summary is that the Powers That Be, whatever form they take, tend to assert that the Powers In Heaven are on their side. Why wouldn't they?

Killer Joe
You know if there's anything like a serious christian philosophical discussion about why gods' dream of a christian-inspired democratic republic took a few millennia and lots of monarchies (etc.) to get going?
It just seems like there's something missing between Jesus and now.

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